There I was in the checkout lane at the co-op with my three beautiful carrots having just been weighed and priced. The cashier, a delightful young woman with beautiful long red hair, went to pick up my carrots and move them onto the platform for me to bag them when her hand accidentally brushed the top of one unintentionally. From

Fair Winds and Following Seas – A Tribute That Does Not Do Him Justice

Fair winds and following seas. These are words of a sailor wishing for safety and well-being, this time, it was forever. My son, in his second year as a Navy man, comes by his tendencies. His father was a reservist, and his Grandfather was a Navy Lieutenant Commander. Christian has always loved the water and has been surrounded by all

Hand Them a Bucket and a Mop

It was a great story, and one that I think we can all relate to…and have been on both sides of, which makes it humbling as well as entertaining. I was working with a client of mine and we were chatting about a situation she had recently found extremely frustrating with her partner. Pretext to this conversation – she is

A Time of Returning

“If I sit with one more grieving person, I won’t be able to maintain my composure, I swear”, she said. The tears in her eyes were a sign of the weight of the work she has been doing lately. It is without question with her work to do, she is absolutely magically wonderful at it. She is not just a

Love Within Relationship

Many mystics have described 2022 as a year of love or divorce. That being said, I have definitely noticed lots of relationship issues coming to me for Spirit wisdom. Too often we tend to think of divorce happening because one side or the other stops loving the other. From my experience and what I’ve seen, more often than not it

What Did You Say? The Power of Our Inner Words

“I HAVE to do this. I don’t have a choice. I made the commitment and now I have to make good on it.” Her words bit like a bee sting in my ears as she spoke. It was actually painful to hear. “I can’t spend time on what I really want right now. I don’t have time. I hate it,

The Power of Hello and a Smile

Walking around Quarry Park, I did my usual; I headed off for the furthest possible part of the park to be quiet and peaceful and all alone in the woods. When I arrived the parking lot was packed as it was the first really beautiful 50° and sunny day we’ve had this spring, so the place was absolutely buzzing with

Feeling Into Our Feelings

Let me tell you one thing I’ve learned throughout my years working with clients.  When the same things come up multiple times, it’s a signal from Spirit for me to dig into that thing. As a bodyworker, I would notice when the same ailments came up in people, four people with rotator cuff surgery in two weeks, three people with

Stepping Into the Flow of Spirit

“I decided from this point on, I am going to follow whatever my intuition tells me to do. Ever since then, everything has changed, and I’ve never been happier.” The joy in her face was crystal clear. Her eyes sparkled, her beaming face and ear-to-ear smile said it all. This is a young woman who is truly living her best