From the place of healing

I believe that basically everyone has an inner child with some woundedness. We all had moments when we were made to feel bad about ourselves, or had situations that were out of our control. The varied degrees of these things is not to be debated, but we all have a little something tucked away deep down inside, that when it’s

Returning to the Waters Edge

Fifteen years ago I was a much younger woman, Mom and wife. After 18 months as a full time military wife while my husband was stationed overseas, I embarked on a two week stint to Washington state, a place I had fallen in love with during a business trip a few years earlier.  I went there to rest my body

All in a Night’s Work – Clearing the Space and Lifting the Spirits

“Its just this space…oh, then there is this creepy murder basement, but we don’t use it. We store a few things down there, but that’s it.” We connected with this young business owner at an open house in her shop. I may actually be a little awkward in that I waited patiently for other people to walk away from her

Summer. Get it while it’s hot!

Close your eyes…imagine yourself; January, freezing cold, winds howling outside, another vortex coming our way. Makes your spine shiver just thinking about it, doesn’t it?  Now, in that imaginary scene, what do you do to comfort yourself in the throws of winter? We imagine summer! We think of the sun, the heat.  Lots and lots of heat.  As Minnesotan’s we

CUTV News Radio Interview

CUTV News Radio Interview

This week, I was on CUTV News Radio with Jim Masters to talk about my work, life, and answer questions. If you are interested in listening in, you can visit BlogTalkRadio here. Excerpt: “…I find people absolutely fascinating and part of what fascinates about people is how they get to be who they are in the moment I meet them

The Spirit of Spring

The Spirit of Spring

Thank the great Spirit, Spring is SPRINGING! Folks, here in the Midwest, it has been a loooooong hard winter; record snowfalls, major vortex cold spells, as those of us who have been around awhile have said, “It’s a real old-fashioned Minnesota winter!” That sentiment comes with both smiles of remembering fun filled days as kids, and a little bit of

What is Reiki?

I am often approached by people asking for information about Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”).  “what is it?”, “how does it work?”, “can just anyone do it”?  while these are simple questions to answer, the answer itself, goes some much deeper than can be explained in words.  Our body, as in our physical body, comes nicely equipped with an invisible shield.  Our

6 Must do’s for Healthy "ME time"

I love my family, my work, my life…until I don’t like it anymore.  Ever been there?  Its great, everything. Really.  And then one day you’re totally like, “I’ve had it, what is Peru like this time of year?”  Sweetheart we all get there.  All of us.  If you’ve never had that moment, well, maybe you’re still really young and not

A simple “thank you”

The evening of July 4th, I sat on a boat watching fireworks, beautiful night, slight breeze, not to hot, not too cold, nearly perfect. I looked around at all the other boats; people talking and laughing and having fun. Folks on shore hooting and hollering as the sky lit up with colors and bursts of all shapes and sizes. It