Private Psychic Group Readings

“I invite you to set your feet firmly onto your individual path, to walk with Grace and inspiration, to follow your Spirit heart to a life of JOY, however that looks for you.” ~Anne Brady-Cronin

Private Psychic Readers - Anne Brady Cronin

Private Psychic Group Readings

Tired of the same old, same old?  Yeah, me too.  That’s why I offer private party sessions! It’s all the fun of one of my public gallery events, but with just YOUR favorite people. If you’re looking for a fun shower, bachelorette, ladies night or “let’s get together” idea for you and some friends, this just might be it.

Private gallery:
This event is hosted similar to my public galleries where everyone is together and individual readings are held opening, in front of everyone.  I like to keep these events small so everyone gets several minutes of my time for a short but deep, intuitive reading.

Details:  $450.00 for 2 hours, up to 8 people.

For information or to schedule any of the above options, please contact Anne directly at or 320-250-9402.

Private one on one readings:

In this event, one on one readings are held in private (space provided by host) so each participant has individual private time with me. Reading length is based on the amount of time and number of people scheduled by the host, for the event. I am available for a couple of hours, or an entire day.

Details: $250.00 per hour, number of people determined on individual basis.

Want a one-on-one psychic experience? Try our psychic/mediumship sessions!


Classes & Events

Want to learn more about natural healing or improve your own healer ability? I offer a variety of classes and workshops to help improve your skills in a fun, supportive environment. Learn more about what classes I have coming up and how to get started.

Classes & Events

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As a trained coach and intuitive my services are focused on helping to improve your intuitive and healing skills.
My services include Wellness-Coaching, Psychic Readings/Mediumship, Shamanic Service and more.  Get on my schedule and book your appointment now.

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“I have been seeing Anne for many years now. With my first couple of sessions, I did not know what to expect during the session or the outcome. They started out exploring me; where I was at, where I was coming from, what was all happening to me. However, as I continued to see her, these sessions evolved. As we continued to explore, I became a better me; which gave me a better life. After meeting with Anne, I am renewed and recharged. She helps me see a clearer path and gives me the confidence to travel on that path. If there’s a roadblock, that it’s ok – it happens and how to handle it. The bottom line, Anne gives me faith in myself again, makes me focus, energizes me, transforms me and makes me feel like I can do anything I set my mind to!” -Angie