The tricky thing about manifestation

If you had asked me two years ago about my plans for the future, I would’ve told you that in 5 to 7 years Clarence and I would be moving north. I had a plan to grow my business in a more remote direction for the next 5 to 7 years while we prepared to relocate north. I wrote it out in manifestation cards, I was clear with the universe what I was asking to create. I was excited. I did everything right. Less than a year later we were moving north and that 5 to 7 year plan went down the toilet.

Recently I was sitting with a female client of mine, and she was talking about how she and her husband were wanting to start a family; they had it all planned out. She was going to get off birth control, and since so many things she had read said that after coming off of birth control, it would probably take her a solid year to get pregnant. She was confident that her fertility journey would take her through the next year then she would get pregnant by then. Their new house would be built and they would welcome a baby into a beautiful new home. During her session, her guides laughed at her and told her that’s not the way it’s going to go. She insisted they had a plan and after everything she had read, she was sure. Well guess who’s pregnant? Lol.

A very dear friend of mine, and her husband have sincere dreams of also moving to northern Minnesota. They recently purchased a piece of property so that in 4-5 years they will build and move.. She knows exactly the kind of life she wants, the work she wants to be doing, down to the number of dogs and chickens that will roam her yard. Yesterday she received news that she was losing her job. She is devastated, rightfully so.

Here’s the tricky thing about manifestation. When we are creating a life that we dream of within the energies of 2024 I will tell you, buckle up. As you drop seeds of your dreams into this year and cultivate them with your visions and your feelings and your plans, remember that the universe has a plan also. This is not said from an attitude of being threatening. This is absolutely said from a standpoint of letting you know without question that the universe is working on your behalf! The energies are speeding up, this is a year of incredible change, and the guides have said repeatedly nothing stays the same in ‘24. When we are manifesting alongside of spirit, as we are moment to moment day to day, in our thoughts and our actions and our feelings and our belief systems, we are creating gateways for our dreams to reach us directly, and spirit knows– maybe even when we don’t but we are in a place of readiness– the most divine promises will be fulfilled. It’s not about our timing, it’s about the timing of the universe. It is not about the fears of our ego, and it’s comfort, it is about the truth, and the singing of our very soul.

Manifest! Do it wildly and with reckless abandon! Put to the universe, all of your dreams and visions and excitement for the future and yourself. That is your Divine self coming forward! Then, stay back. Make a pathway for the divine. Be willing to let go of your plan and your schedule and your agenda. I realize as humans we love to believe we are in control. We have a plan, a strategy, of how, when our dreams become reality, we will stand on top of the mountain cheering for what we have created. I am laughing hysterically inside of myself right now. I too believed I had that kind of control!

When what you are dreaming is in direct alignment with your soul and your spirit (and there are no obstacles in the eyes of the universe) you will receive. So again, dream great big dreams, and then be willing to be flexible, to be resilient, and to step into the moment that spirit decides. Here we go.

Forever the journey, Anne

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