Learning Self Love – Letting It Flow

What I have totally loved noticing lately is the number of men who are practicing the art of self-love. I have occasionally seen, through observing men in my life and through men sharing their own mixed feelings about themselves, that men too, struggle with self-love. As a woman, for years I believed learning to love myself was a women’s plague.

No Sense Crying Over Spilled Coffee

Have you ever had one of those days? Of course, you have silly questions.  We’ve all had those days. You know when you wake groggy with sticky gunk in your eyes, and things just seem to go downhill from there? One of those kinds. As I woke this particular morning, there was gunk in my eyes from having sanded cabinets

All in the Numbers

Greetings, and Happy New Year! Like many of you, I am pretty ok leaving last year behind…it wasn’t a bad year, it was just a twisty turny didn’t see that coming, year. I’m tired, honestly. What I already love about 2023 is the energy! 2022 was a year of shift, change, great clarity, and getting to know what is ours

Word of the Year

I know you’ve all heard me say before that each year, starting sometime usually in December, I start intending for Spirit to deliver to me my word for the upcoming new year.  This word, or short phrase, is my focal point, my North if you will, for the next year. In hardship, confusion, struggle and praise it is my guidepost

The Meaning of the Season

This season means so many things to so many people. Being raised Christian, this is a time of awaiting the birth of Jesus Christ. Over the years some of my beliefs have changed, but one of the moments that live forever in my Spirit is sitting in church on Christmas Eve. When I was a kid, my Mom sang in

Honoring Our Moments of Together

I’ve always worked to “have it together”. In this, I know without question, I am not alone. We hear the words in various forms, “get it together”, “pull it together”, and “I’ve got to get it together”. We judge ourselves and sometimes, are genuinely judged by others. Recently, I was working with a male client who, from what I would


She had been having concerns with various relationships for the previous few weeks. Of course, this was the middle of October and all of the energies were pushing us into relationship conundrums; some deepening, some re-evolving, and some ending. Because of this, it was no surprise that like for many of us, relationship energies were in the maximum “play” capacity.

Playing in the Exchange

I’m driving down the road towards the farm of my future playing in the energies of the new moon coming straight off of Yesterday’s eclipse. My dreamer mind is having the time of its life! As I move into a space of a bit of discomfort, I am playing with my dreams, and my ego mine steps in with this

The Self We See

This is not my typical meandering. It’s not a perspective based on a specific story, it’s a notice from Spirit that I have been delivering again and again and again, for the past couple of months. It is time for us to release the versions of ourselves we have believed are true. In our LampLighter group a couple of months

Standing in a New Center

Not only is she a client, but she was a friend first!  Sometimes working with people I love is challenging because we’re navigating multiple dimensions of a relationship simultaneously. I don’t typically work with friends and family, but when someone I care about comes to me in the midst of a major life challenge, I’m jumping in. No one really