Unplugged 2020

This is an article written by me, published by Edge magazine Unplugged It’s amazing to me how I never even noticed the low-grade anxiousness I was feeling. Always looking, always checking, never wanting to miss or be missed. The first time my husband dared me to leave my phone behind we were just dating. I grew up in an era

Keep Your Cooties Off Me

While working with a client a while back, Spirit delivered a message I knew, but seemed so much more poignant at this time. It was a message about energy and attachment. Negativity is everywhere, and I mean everywhere right now. Normally kind, generous people are turning into monsters before my eyes. I find myself getting heated about things I typically couldn’t give

A Time of Forgiveness

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve gotten pretty good at being in the middle of some total crazy rant in my mind or having my emotional body all tied up in a knot, and realizing something is wrong. I’m pretty sure I’m a genius. On this particular day I was standing in my kitchen making breakfast when it occurred to

Getting Myself Back

I got to the halfway point and I literally started to cry. Not big boohoo tears, just a little kind of choked up, watery eyes kind of cry. For Pete’s sake, it was only going to be about ¾ of a mile by the time I got back to the cabin, what on earth is the big deal. That’s what

A Season Cut Too Short

There is an old saying “to everything there is a reason, a season or a lifetime”. We were so excited to purchase our lake place. The day we moved in was the first day I met him. He stood in my kitchen and stuck out a gloved hand, “I’m Paul. I live right down there” as he pointed towards the

Universal Language

My husband and I spent recently spent a couple of weeks traveling in Europe. I love Europe, I really do. Yes, for the cathedrals, and the history, cobblestone streets, the people and the food, and well, pretty much everything. If there is one struggle while we’re there it is, like many Americans, my husband and I only speak English. Typically,

Blame and Shame Are Not My Name

A couple of months ago, I was in the Doctor’s office interviewing a new primary care practitioner. Yes, I said interviewing. I have never believed in the mentality of just doing whatever some doctor once-upon-a-time told me to do, and not all care practitioners are created equal. I like a practitioner who treats me like an intelligent human being. I

A Vision for 2020: Force vs. Flow

Many people rejoiced as the clock turned past midnight and left 2019 behind.  For lots of people, it was a tough year driven by some intense emotion.  I’d like to say parting is such sweet sorrow, but for some of the people I’ve talked to, there was no sorrow involved. It was more of a “see ya, don’t let the

Fear as Part of Life

“It must be a poor life that achieves freedom from fear” – Aldo Leopold I’ve recently done a few things I’ve never done before; learned how to use crutches for the first time, had my first experience on opioids (not nearly as fun as people make it sound). Things that, well, many people have done and treated like they were

Jack of all Trades

We’ve all heard the quote, “jack of all trades, master of none”. Essentially, it’s supposed to be a compliment recognizing someone is good at a lot of different things. Oddly, I have most often found it used as more of a put down to people who do lots of different things, instead of just focusing on one particular thing. Based