Looking for distraction – aka, I would prefer to just avoid this

“Workation,” I thought that was a great term! I love heading to Duluth to work because it always feels as much like a vacation as work even though I am seeing clients the entire time that I am there. I expected the same experience this last time I headed North to “work” for the weekend. I stayed at a VRBO

Trust that Soul

I recently sat down and read for a woman who went through an incredible loss as a younger woman, the birth of a stillborn child. Devastating. As a medium it is a territory I have been in with others before, and yet, it still always touches my heart similarly to any major loss that I have not personally experienced… I

Finding peace in the spaces in between spaces

The conversation was bold and deep and transparent. Five professionals, all different in how we work but similar in that we work to help create ways for ourselves and others to shift into a new age, with new ways in life, business, leadership and community. As I feel like I have been navigating change and the unknown for a few

Progress – seeing what currently is does NOT look like

Walking into our cabin, the place our entire family loves to spend time any season of the year, a place filled with fun and love and great memories, the contrast to what was in front of me almost made me cry. Dust of so many different sorts (sheet rock, paneling, tile, old carpet, new carpet, you get it) was tracked

The gift of ritual – taking my assignment seriously

Some of you may remember me sharing about a process I did at the beginning of the year where I wrote down 13 wishes, gave 12 to the Universe and then kept the one remaining as homework assigned by the Universe. It was a burn ritual and done as a “blind” process in that I didn’t know what wishes I

A change in seasons

I just came in from the woods. It is cold (relative to humidity which is making it feel colder), rainy and a breezy, not the most comfortable of days weather wise. My reason for being in the woods (yes, we all know I do NOT really NEED a reason to be in the woods, but today I actually have one)

Leading with your body

It is a full moon lunar eclipse day… accompanied by 10 inches of fresh, not seen this winter until today, snow. While many are complaining about “this should be rain by this time of the year,” or “Ugh, I hate snow,” I am blissfully sitting in a coffee shop in Walker, post massage, while my hubby gets a massage… I

God winks – aka, Where in the world is my kid

It’s been a long few weeks with no communication from my son, the Navy kid. I’ve been fine, I know he’s fine, it’s fine. Until today, I was texting with his wife and she came back with a “Btw, I haven’t had communication from Christian since February —th.” “Me either,” I replied…and then my anxious mind went to work. By


It is the most wonderful time of the year! For many of you, you may be wondering how I completely missed Christmas, but I am not talking about Christmas. I am talking about maple sapping season!! Every year we go to the woods, drill, hammer, taps, hose and buckets in hand, waiting to see what we will get from Santa…ah,

The gift of this man

I wish you all could take a look around my house…well, maybe not, it looks like a crazy person lives here.  Along with boxes of journals, and me on my computer writing, I see the table I brought up and placed directly in front of our living room window, now covered with seed packets and seed pods as I have