Growing Pains

“When this served your Soul, it was comfortable. The fact is the pattern is now uncomfortable and is your Soul’s signal your Spiritual being has shifted out of the old pattern and it’s time for your human components to catch up”.  It was a hard truth, but still the truth. “But he needs me”. She retorted. “No,” I replied, “your

Listening Inside

I am one of those people that for the most part avoids my phone on the weekends. It’s a boundary, personal life thing. We all need time for ourselves, family, friends, etc. and to set work aside.  This story was an occasion when in passing, I looked down and saw a text message from a client and decided to check

Excuse Me, That’s My Energy You’re Sitting On

I was working with a beautiful young woman a while back. She is smart, both intellectually and worldly, pretty, energetic, outgoing, you name it. She is all the things in one package that most people love, but some are envious of and others latch onto because deep down inside they think if they’re with her, they’ll be great too. During

From Obstacle to Opportunity

One of my weekly “musts” is a trek through Quarry Park. I get over there as many times a week as I can, and each time I am held in an incredible state of gratitude for this gift of nature in our community. I am a hiker. Hiking has forever been a love of mine, and when I think of

Happiness is an Inside Job

“Do not fear failure, but be terrified of giving up”. – Unknown She had been in her nice life long enough to get comfortable, and that was what made it dangerous. Her whole life she has done what she was “supposed to” because she thought what she dreamed of, was too far out of reach. So, she became comfortable. Day

Relationships Require Vulnerability

“Relationships are the laboratory of the Soul” – Rev Michael Beckwith Relationships, we as humans naturally gravitate towards them. It is often said we are not designed to endure this life alone, so we intuitively connect with those who are from our tribe/family or have like minds, bodies, and hobbies. Typically there is something we have in common. Sadly, often


“Well, thanks for stopping and let’s catch up in a couple weeks when you guys are done syruping”. My girlfriend’s words stopped me in my tracks. For a moment it caught me off guard. I was totally expecting that she’d invite me in and we’d hang out for a little bit and then I’d head back home. On the way

Using Fear to Reconnect

“Fear does not prevent death. It prevents Life.” Buddha The famous scripture the Bhagavad Gita opens with a strong and mighty warrior about to head into the battle of his life. Normally composed and confident, this time he is filled with a fear so incredible he completely loses his focus. What comes to him in this time of fear, is

Gimme One Reason

I am a dirty hippy. Specifically, I am a dirty tree hugging, dirt worshiping, wool sock wearing hippy. This is a title my son Christian bestowed upon me years ago. I take it with incredible love as even he recognized he’s just like me.  While he’s not doing much dirty hippy stuff these days in the Navy, I know the

You Were Made For This

The saying goes, “a Navy recruit enlists. Their parents get drafted”. When I hugged my man/boy good-bye for the last time, I cried big crocodile, sad Momma tears like never before. Not like the first time his Dad picked him up and had him for five days straight after we separated, or when Christian left for nine weeks of Boy