We entered into the group space and Spirit was clear in its vision, “it is a time of releasing” and showed me a vision of a tumbleweed bouncing along a dusty gravel road, circa the old west. They continued to explain that we are wearing off our old, unserving, outdated of all things; beliefs, values, feelings, thoughts, etc., and from

Embracing the Change

“I know I am changing…I just don’t know what that will mean,” he said, in almost a whisper that told me everything about the fear he held inside of him as to what his newfound Spirit connection would ask him to do with his ‘nice life’. Oof, yep, raise your hand if you have been there, and my hand is

Courage Comes From Clarity

Recently I have been practicing developing a new habit. My new habit is that I am listening to two to three inspirational or motivational podcasts per week. I know most of you would be surprised to know I do not normally listen to those things. Why? Because I spend my work life listening and being those motivational inspirational messages for

There Is No Tiger

It all came about from a social media video from Neal Foard. He tells this great story about bombing a huge business meeting in Chicago years ago, and the power of a bartender and a tattoo. In this story, he talks about meeting this woman in a hotel bar and seeing this tattoo on her wrist in Polish. The tattoo

Facing the Darkness

It was odd when I got the question the first time about three weeks ago, then another one, then an email, and yet another inquiry…even I could see something was up, and it was serious. “I read somewhere that with this evolved energy the dark energy is now stronger too,” she said. I paused as this is NEVER a conversation

Fruits…or Veggies of Our Labor

Since we moved to the farm we have been creating the things that make life meaningful for us. For me, this came in the form of a big garden. Having been a farm kid whose mom fed all of us from a family garden, then spending years in the city and being confined to a coupe of raised beds and

Releasing the Past – 11 Years in the Making

There have been so many times since he’s died, times in far away south of the US border places that I have totally expected to stumble upon him and bust him on how he faked his own death. He was just…gone, so quickly, and if it weren’t for the eerie voice in my head a week before he died, it

Climb the Rock by Guest Writer Kristie Hennen

What have you been asked to do and/or try to which you said ‘no’? I was asked to go rock climbing with some friends. Let me preface by saying that my only experience with rock climbing was at an indoor facility at the age of 12. That said, I still agreed to tag along as I planned to hang out

Seeing Through Her Own Ears…

“I re-listen to our last session, and I’ll be honest, I was shocked at what I heard. I listen to myself, and I thought I sounded like one of those women” she said, with more than a note of surprise in her voice.  “What women are those?” I asked in response. “Those women that are in horrible relationships. You know

No Edits by Guest Writer Kristie Hennen

The other day I caught myself reading an old post I had written a while back. As I began to read, I noticed that I wanted to make changes, edits, if you will, to my already finished pieces. I didn’t want to take away the meaning behind the post, I just wanted to enhance it. I wanted to add a