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New Year, new you

So, here we are in January! A new year! So exciting! Well, maybe…so often by this point we’re reconsidering those new years resolutions, we’ve fallen off the new diet, exercise program, mindfulness practices, organization system, etc. We’re trying, we really are, but change can be hard!!!! That’s not just me whining, it’s the truth, change…

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Good bye, and hello; letters to time

Well, here we are, starting a brand-new year! It’s January 1, 2019, and I can literally feel the buzz of newness in the air. That may actually be our -16-degree temps here in Northern MN, but I’m choosing to experience it as the buzz of the New Year, so please leave me to my delusion….

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Going Home for the Holidays

Be it ever so humble, there’s no place like HOME. For so many of us the holidays mean going home. And for many people its not ALWAYS a positive experience. For everyone I work with that is steeped in their family of origin with love, support, unconditional acceptance, there are several who are constantly working…

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Want some sanity this holiday season? Know “why”

Whether you’ve been counting down to Christmas since July, or you’re a “I’ll take my holidays one at a time thank you” person, as I am, its time to start gearing up as we are indeed in full holiday swing. For many people the holidays equate to fun, family and festivities, for others, they’re a…

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6 Must do’s for Healthy “ME time”

I love my family, my work, my life…until I don’t like it anymore.  Ever been there?  Its great, everything. Really.  And then one day you’re totally like, “I’ve had it, what is Peru like this time of year?”  Sweetheart we all get there.  All of us.  If you’ve never had that moment, well, maybe you’re…

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