Confidently Or Not, We Go

I am a fairly self-motivated person. I don’t need someone to tell me what to do in order to get things done. I identify my own goals, values, and objectives, and go after them without the need of someone else prodding me from behind. With that said, I love a good motivational speaker, author, writer, podcast, etc.  I like the

Hey There, I Hardly Recognized You!

Recently, I wrote a blog about how marriage made me lazy. It did. But hear me clearly, I LOVE IT. Our family has taken to binge-watching a show on Netflix called Meat Eater. We’re total carnivores at our house. You can be offended if you want, that’s totally up to you, but I don’t hide it from anyone. My husband

The Grace of Humility

The Grace of Humility

“You know those moments when you just really fuck up?” she says. I think to myself in a short but powerful barrage of examples from my own memory bank. “Absolutely”, I reply. “I had one of those the other day. Right there in front of everyone. Totally botched it.” She went on. “It felt great”. I laughed. “Good for you!”

First World Problems

I write a fair amount on the topic of gratitude. The common terms of being thankful and appreciative from an optimistic point of view of gratitude. Really, think about it. Gratitude is more than just saying we’re grateful, it’s living as though we’re grateful. It’s seeing the best in a situation when it’s not so obvious. This is exactly what smacked

A One Word Answer

I was driving home from the North Shore last week, listening to Rachel Hollis’ Girl, Stop Apologizing in my car. About halfway through the book (great read/listen, by the way), she was talking about the need to focus on one goal at a time. We’ve talked in the past on how “energy flows where attention goes” and all the good

The Power in Being Present

“I know it needs work,”  I think to myself as she’s causing what I will describe as a fair amount of discomfort.  I focus, breathe, and try to relax in. I’m aware that my ego-mind wants to make way more of this sensation then it really is, she wants to focus on the discomfort and make it into something so

Life in the Dash

“When you walk through the graveyard, look at the dates on the tombstones. What you see is the date someone was born, a dash, and the date they died. Their whole life was lived in that dash.” -MN Adult and Teen Challenge Director – Brainerd, MN Campus The words hit me like a brick. In the end, our life is

Alone Time aka Me Time

Alone Time aka Me Time

I am an introvert. Simply put, I need time by myself to recharge and get my bearings straight. I realize that not everyone needs this. I mean, lots of people say “everyone needs time alone”, but honestly, not really everyone does. And you know what? It’s completely cool. You, do you. On a recent trip I took way up North,

But First, Trust

“Trust is having the experience to base our confidence on. Faith is having nothing and believing anyway.” -Anne Brady-Cronin I was recently talking with a client of mine about making some fairly substantial changes in her business. She’s been quite successful by most people’s standards, and her own (which is the best), but is finding herself wanting “more” from herself

Climbing through the “Sometimes” of Life

We use a lot of words to describe how wonderful our lives are: joyful, abundant, amazing, incredible, fulfilled, purposeful. There is nothing that feels as good as accomplishing the goal you’ve been striving for, fulfilling a sense of purpose deep inside your soul, having amazing experiences for ourselves and with our loved ones. Life can truly be incredibly amazingly stupendously