No Such Thing as Opposite

“I feel torn – like there are two sides of me”, she said, wringing her hands in her lap, “on one hand I feel like it’s the best thing that could happen to me, and I’m excited for what can come. But on the other hand, I love what I do and am sad to leave it.” Not abnormal at all,

The One by Guest Writer Kristie Hennen

Kristie is a travel nurse, adventurer, and truth seeker on all levels. She employs wisdom and perspective that is clear, value-driven, encouraging, and absolutely refreshing. You can find Kristie at any moment with her toes in a lake, her elbows on the family table, or gazing at the wonderous views from the top of a mountain. She is a bright

Family of Origin, but Not Destination

Tears ran down her cheeks as she spoke at my table about the trials and tribulations of her upbringing. Not in detail, but in general. Deep within her was the strongest desire ever to speak on behalf of herself and so many others whose childhood was less than ideal. In the energy of her right hip and leg existed the

Bring Your Amazing

You’re amazing’ they said. “You arrived there innately gifted and fully equipped for your life.” This dear, incredibly talented woman was once again being gripped by the demon called self-doubt. The torcher of self-doubt is never far away from many of us. We are all ready to crank life up to the next level and there suddenly in our path to greatness

A is for Attitude

It’s hot, I’m sweating, the mosquitoes that had been quiet until then, were starting to buzz and bite, the leftover clouds from the morning’s rain were breaking up and the sun was out in full force making it hot and humid. Because why have just one when you can have both? I love the idea of being a sustainable food


There I was in the checkout lane at the co-op with my three beautiful carrots having just been weighed and priced. The cashier, a delightful young woman with beautiful long red hair, went to pick up my carrots and move them onto the platform for me to bag them when her hand accidentally brushed the top of one unintentionally. From

Fair Winds and Following Seas – A Tribute That Does Not Do Him Justice

Fair winds and following seas. These are words of a sailor wishing for safety and well-being, this time, it was forever. My son, in his second year as a Navy man, comes by his tendencies. His father was a reservist, and his Grandfather was a Navy Lieutenant Commander. Christian has always loved the water and has been surrounded by all

Hand Them a Bucket and a Mop

It was a great story, and one that I think we can all relate to…and have been on both sides of, which makes it humbling as well as entertaining. I was working with a client of mine and we were chatting about a situation she had recently found extremely frustrating with her partner. Pretext to this conversation – she is

A Time of Returning

“If I sit with one more grieving person, I won’t be able to maintain my composure, I swear”, she said. The tears in her eyes were a sign of the weight of the work she has been doing lately. It is without question with her work to do, she is absolutely magically wonderful at it. She is not just a

Love Within Relationship

Many mystics have described 2022 as a year of love or divorce. That being said, I have definitely noticed lots of relationship issues coming to me for Spirit wisdom. Too often we tend to think of divorce happening because one side or the other stops loving the other. From my experience and what I’ve seen, more often than not it