Putting the pieces together- learning from our past…lives

“I had one past life that is very loud and I keep dreaming about her. She wants me to know how uneducated and sad her life was and won’t seem to shut up about it. I have never thought of how important an education is. I think my creativity and love of learning must have been the lesson I needed to learn from that life and it’s so weird how I remember bits and pieces as I go along.”

I love hearing these kinds of stories. This client participated in a group Past Life Regression class that I offered, and shared this incredible experience with me afterwards. It is a perfect example of how our Souls are continuously living through our past, connecting it to our present.

As a Soul we use this time on the planet as the classroom, or playground. We are here to practice and to learn and to evolve.

Through our human consciousness we are always being presented opportunities to recognize what we resonate (just sticks inside of us without effort) with and what doesn’t. So, we ask ourselves why something seems so important to us, or why we’re afraid of things we have no reason to be afraid of, or why certain people affect us the way they do. Our Soul remembers every moment of its existence, just as our cells in this human body do. We are constantly making connections on deeper thought levels and tying an experience from our past with something in our future. We, as a vibrational being, live on a multitude of levels simultaneously.

If you’ve been hanging around me a while you have heard me say that In our unconscious mind there is no past, present or future, it is all right now. That is why you can hear a song from high school and immediately feel like you are right “back there.” The magic is, this is true on a lifetime to lifetime level as well. Super fun!!!

Our past lives can hold tremendous value for us in exploring our current experience.

Take the time to notice things/issues/fear/loves that just won’t go away, no matter how hard you try.

Chances are good there is a link inside of you somewhere between your now, and your past. Exploring these connections can often help us settle something in our inner being, that without it, we are left to struggle. Sometimes our past can ignite joys, talents and curiosities that our Soul wants to experience again and again and again.

Teach yourself to pay attention to your deeper tendencies, there may be a fascinating ancient story wanting your attention.

Forever the journey, Anne

Stay posted for my next Past Life Regression session coming up in March 2024.

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