A new view of Discipline

I recall clearly Spirit saying to me that in 2024, nothing will stay the same.

I won’t lie, at first I was a bit put off. Being skeptical by nature I was suspicious the moment the words arrived and comprehension clicked in what had been said.
“Nothing will stay the same.”

As I asked “what the hell does that mean,” a smile appeared in my mind’s eye. “Relax. It won’t all be like that, but it can be if that’s what people want.” Hmmmm, go on I thought. “Ultimately you all get your life the way you believe it has to be; hard work, painful changes, things being ripped from you while you cling desperately to things you don’t even like but are convinced they are yours so you HAVE to keep them”… I hate it when they’re rude… and accurate.

As humans too often we fight letting go of things we don’t even want in the first place; relationships, careers, marriages, titles, lifestyles, etc the list goes on. We get something and then we complain about it, and then when it goes away we fight letting it go. Spirit is right, we humans are weird like that.

So, this year, let’s keep that in mind.

As they went on they spoke of a word I tend to not like, because it tends to mean hard work… The word is discipline. For me it means cut out coffee, get rid of chocolate and sugar, eat vegan, get up at 5am like the champions do, be perfect, look perfect, speak perfectly, get it, get it, get it, toxic kind of positivity.

So, they went on. “Be in ways of ritual. Be in ways that honor your body, your mind, your Soul and your Spirit. Have rituals that honor who you ARE, and what you are becoming inside. Quest for the greater BEingness that lives inside you, honor that, leave the rest, that is not what we need for you.”

Ritual – a ceremonial act or action; an act or series or acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner.

“Honor who you ARE,”

In this year we are asked to create rituals around the things that cultivate our Divine nature, that honor and revere our sacredness, and bring our unique gifts forward to be lived fully in our lives.
Yes, there will be some winning and some losing based on what honors our great truth, and remember that Spirit is operating on your behalf.

In this time, create your rituals, do the things that honor your body, mind, Soul and Spirit, and bring your Divine gifts forward. Commit yourself to YOURSELF daily. Be in the practice of your deepest connection to self and Spirit.

We are divinely and gracefully led. Remember that.

Forever the journey, Anne

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