The sometimes not so gentle tap of potential…

Anyone else feeling just a little… rammy lately? I mean that itch for something new, different, the dream of scrapping it all and walking out of the mundane into a brand new life, just for the fun of doing something so crazy different??? Ok, maybe it’s just me. Except I know it’s not as I see and hear it all

From the place of healing

I believe that basically everyone has an inner child with some woundedness. We all had moments when we were made to feel bad about ourselves, or had situations that were out of our control. The varied degrees of these things is not to be debated, but we all have a little something tucked away deep down inside, that when it’s

Welcome to the New Year, now DO mostly nothing

Greetings and welcome to 2024! My family will tell you, I am a celebrator. I love to celebrate. All the things; birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, life changes of all sorts and degrees, holidays, non-holidays, a sunshiny day, you name it. On any given day I can be found walking out my front door and exclaiming “HELLO WORLD!” to the sky and

Attracting From Your Core

man meditating in front of a lake surrounded by mountains at sunrise

It was such a great conversation I just have to share. I have been working with this client who, like all of my clients, is absolutely amazing. Yes, I am biased and I have no problem with that. This person started on this leg of their personal journey and has implemented daily self-care, practices, and strategies that have lifted their

Boundaries Not Limits – a Story of Unconditional Love

“I don’t know what’s up with him lately,” she said. “He always has lots of stress at work, but he’s never acted the way he has this last week. We had a fight like we have never had before.” She went on, “sure we have times that we disagree and little tiffs about things” she added, “but we’ve never yelled

Be Still – The Not So Easy Practice For Inner Movers

My brain has been a wreck lately. Not lately as the last few days, but really the last several months. It’s like something is on fire and I’m trying to flee the house to save myself, except this isn’t what’s happening at all. Maybe it’s a past life thing? Maybe. On this one particular day as I was trying to

Bring Your Gifts

“You are a body with many members. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve, if its is teaching, then teach if it is to encourage, then give encouragement, if it is giving, then give generously, if

A Time of Renewal

Whew! Another fast and furious holiday season is behind us. Yes, I know some of you are still celebrating well into and through January. Sometimes it’s just easier to put the big family stuff off until after the hoopla is over so you can slow down and really enjoy it. Fantastic.  January is a time of renewal for me. It’s

The Stuff of Stuff – A Time to Declutter

Are you feeling it? Every time I walk into a room lately, I am immediately drawn to what I can get rid of.  The book I was meaning to read and am sick of seeing next to my bed table, the top that looked so cute on the mannequin but I have no place that I ever wear sequined anything

Friendship – Bringing Intentionality to the Table

About a year ago I became aware of a book called “365 Days of Friendship” by The Ruth Experiment.  I know many of you are familiar with these empowered and inspirational ladies and probably already have a copy of this book. If not, I would recommend it. This is a book designed to create something we often forget, especially as