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Reiki Energy Healing
“I invite you to set your feet firmly onto your individual path, to walk with Grace and inspiration, to follow your Spirit heart to a life of JOY, however that looks for you.” ~Anne Brady-Cronin

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ONE Holistic Wellness offers Reiki to St. Cloud, MN and surrounding areas provided by Anne Brady, Reiki Master.

Reiki works with the subtle energies of the body through the chakras to bring balance and to release emotional, mental and physical blockages from the body’s energy field. With Anne’s training in Healing Touch and Esoteric Healing, she brings those modalities together to provide a unique energy healing experience.

We take everything in on an unconscious level, that is, everything that our mind gathers throughout our lives, whether or not we specifically focus on it, gets stored in the body. Science proves that sensations, emotions, and responses don’t start at the brain and work toward the extremities; they start at the skin and work back toward the brain. It’s not just the stress of today, but the stress of all day, every day. Everything that comes in contact with our body, or that we take in through our eyes and ears, or sense, even without knowing, elicits a response from our bodies. No wonder our bodies carry so much stress. Reiki can help reduce stress in our bodies, and the energy field that surrounds our body.

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What is Reiki?

I am often approached by people asking for information about Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”).  “what is it?”, “how does it work?”, “can just anyone do it”?  while these are simple questions to answer, the answer itself, goes some much deeper than can be explained in words.  Our body, as in our physical body, comes nicely equipped with an invisible shield.  Our energy body, that ‘invisible shield” that surrounds our physical body, operates in relationship to everything inside of it, “us” and outside of it “not us”.  This shield is not what we consider as a typical shield in that it doesn’t deflect bullets, or protect us from life’s daggers, but it is more of a filtration system for everything around us coming in, and everything inside us moving out. Our energy body, in combination with our physical body, contains every moment of our human existence. Some believe, and I am one, that our energy body contains, and gives us access to, every moment of our Soul’s life since its beginning. That’s an entirely different conversation, and one for another time.

Our energy field –
Our energy field or aura, as it is often referred to, is comprised of various levels of energy from our physical body to our Spiritual body, layers upon layers, upon layers. For simplicity, we’re going to stick to the basics.  The layers of the energy body that are most easily felt and accordingly worked with are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, starting in direct proximity to the body and working outward from there.
Our energy body works as a filter for our everyday life, in that what happens in energy, at some point, manifests in our spiritual layer, which then eventually manifests in our mental layer, which then manifests in our emotional layer, which then affects our body. What we feel or perceive about others is filtered through our energy body as well. Those senses that we just “click” with some people, and for no particular reason, don’t “vibe” with others, are both examples of the information we gather through our energy body. Our “hunches” or “gut feelings” about something also come to us through our energy body, and the “vibe” we give others about us, is given off through our energy body and received by others, through theirs.  It’s a super cool built in radar system!

What is Reiki –
So, what’s all this have to do with Reiki? Reiki is a hands-off energy healing technique that can help clear our energy body and create a smoother more fluid ‘flow” of energy.  We’re designed to flow crown down, but sometimes things get stuck somewhere in the energy flow as energy is moving through us. That “stuck” can be developed or created by all sorts of things that have to do with everyday life; stress, illness, confusion, indecision, attachments, and make their way into our attention by leaving us feeling stuck, unfulfilled, without purpose, depressed, anxious, sad, confused, sick, etc.
Reiki is a gentle, noninvasive way of allowing energy to flow in its natural pattern by introducing another energy as an assist. This other energy in Reiki is called “smart energy”, it is a belief that the energy that is being directed into our energy field from our Crown, is smarter than our conscious mind, and knows exactly how to flow, where, and in what quantities in order for balance, and often times a level of healing, to occur.  Reiki can be done on oneself, and on others for purposes of creating balance and alignment in the energy flow. Healing is something that often happens, but as we operate in Reiki without an agenda, (there again, trusting that ‘smart energy”) healing is not something we “DO” for ourselves, or for others, it is a state of allowing energy to create what it can and will create within us. This oftentimes takes the form of healing.  WE are not healing someone, or ourselves, we/they are allowing Reiki energy to bring healing to them.

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“Spiritual coaching with Anne Brady is equal to years of healing therapy, intensive yoga, hot stone massages and self-help meetings all wrapped up into one powerful holistic package. Insightful, life-changing, magical, and euphoric. The finest gift you could give a loved one or the most loved one of all — yourself. ” — Leslie Morgan Steiner, author of the New York Times best-seller Crazy Love and the critically-acclaimed anthology Mommy Wars