Mayan Spiritual Healing

Mayan Spiritual Healing - Anne Brady Cronin
“I invite you to set your feet firmly onto your individual path, to walk with Grace and inspiration, to follow your Spirit heart to a life of JOY, however that looks for you.” ~Anne Brady-Cronin

Mayan Spiritual Healing

Deeply rooted in the heart of the jungle, the Mayan culture still treasures its ways of traditional healing. Mayan Spiritual healing allows us to draw upon the energy of flowers, plants, stones and the Divine energies of Spirit for gentle, nurturing and lasting healing.  It is the energy of Spirit, through our intentions, prayers and water that allows us to shift trauma, attachments, unserving beliefs, wounds and other maladies and return them to Spirit to be healed.  I provide myself as an escort for people desiring this ancient healing ritual of Mayan Spiritual healing. You and I will work together, beginning with La Platica (the talk), surrounding you in love from the Divine we will bath you in flower essence, gathered specifically, through Spirits guidance, just for you. The healings are a time for allowing and receiving; clearing, releasing, purging.  You are lovingly cared for during your entire process, and no two processes are the same.  This work truly touches my heart. Caring for someone during their time of Spiritual Healing is one of the greatest gifts I receive from Spirit, and am I honored to be part of the ancient tradition that extends this beautiful ritual to heal others.

What can Mayan Spiritual Healing be used for:

Mayan Spiritual Healing can be used to heal old wounds, traumas, and to help us release what no longer serves us, but still resides within us.

Helps remove attachments; from within us, and from others directed towards us.

Mayan Spiritual Healing helps to heal the Soul of Grief, Fear, Shock, Anger, Sadness and Anxiety
and helps us rid the Soul of negative energies from others.

Mayan Spiritual Healing will leave you renewed, calm, and clearer on what emotions truly belong to you, and what is the affects of others energy.  Many gain a clearer path and direction on how to continue their healing process, when needed, and how to begin living in freedom from their old afflictions.  Mayan Spiritual Healing can help you develop a stronger more loving connection to the Divine, that loves and guides us all.

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“Spiritual coaching with Anne Brady is equal to years of healing therapy, intensive yoga, hot stone massages and self-help meetings all wrapped up into one powerful holistic package. Insightful, life-changing, magical, and euphoric. The finest gift you could give a loved one or the most loved one of all — yourself. ” — Leslie Morgan Steiner, author of the New York Times best-seller Crazy Love and the critically-acclaimed anthology Mommy Wars