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Hours of Business:
Monday: 10am-5pm
Wednesday: 10am-6pm
Thursday: 1:30pm-6pm
Friday: 10am-4pm

Call, Text, or Email for Appointment

Specific schedule and exact appointments times are subject to change as needed. If there is a specific day or time of the day that works best for you, please feel free to ask. I will do my best to accommodate a client’s scheduling needs, while maintaining a schedule that allows me a healthy lifestyle.

How to make an appointment:
By phone, text, or email is preferred. I am available on Facebook @annebradycronin however I do not check social media more than once a day. If you have specific days/times that you need for an appointment, please provide that information in your message with your appointment request.

More Questions About Scheduling?
Read below for more information on how appointments work and for more specific questions, feel free to read more on my frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.


Appointment Details

What to expect at your first appointment and general information to know before you sit down with me:

Often times people come in a bit nervous on their first visit.  That’s totally normal.  The “what if’s” start running through people’s heads, and before they know it, their stomach is in a knot.  Relax, most people are nervous, or nervous excited their first time.

I have a very casual conversational style. Most people feel completely at home within a few minutes after we start.

When you arrive, I’ll ask you to fill out some very basic paperwork, mostly for your contact information, but because I work as a coach/hypnotist as well, there are questions about your reason for being with me, etc.  No pressure.  Fill out what is comfortable for you, and you don’t need a specific reason for working with me. Many of my regular clients remark that on the days they have “nothing to talk about” they get the best “move it forward!” information.

Reason, no reason, it’s all good.  It’s just a little paperwork
Beyond that, we’ll sit down together and I have a pretty standard, “get to know me” talk, which is really a “here’s the weird stuff I do during a session, don’t think I’m crazy, please” talk.

  1. I talk with my hands…A LOT.
  2. If I don’t look at you most of your session, don’t be offended.  While I’m reading you, I’m in communication with what I refer to as your Divine Guidance System; Spirit Guides, Angelic realm, passed on loved ones’, Ascended Masters, etc.  Because I’m talking to “them” I may not be looking at you.  Also, I am watching the light of your energy field as it changes and moves. This gives me information about your body, mind, Spirit, emotions as well as things about how you’re receiving the information that’s coming through.
  3. I often refer to “them”, “their” or “us” or “we”. References like that are references to your Divine Guidance system, which I often put myself in with if I personally agree with what they’re saying/asking.

Beyond the oddities that are just normal for me, here there are a few other things people like to know before their reading/healing session.

Time consideration:

I will be attentive to the time, and do my best to stay on schedule, for my benefit and yours.  Please be mindful if you book a half hour, one hour, or 90-minute session, I need to stop the session at the scheduled end time.  I’m not trying to be rude, I’m trying to be fair, to myself and to all of my other clients.  Thank you for your consideration.

How do I go about booking another session?

Most people like to have a follow up visit.  The vast majority of my clients are repeat clients.  Some are working to create completely new lives for themselves and want to meet every couple weeks or once a month until they feel like they’re ready to fly. Others see me once a quarter, or a couple times a year, or even once a year for their annual “tune up”.  Whatever the situation is for you, I’m always delighted when my clients see value in the work that I do to the point that they include me as a necessary part of their personal/Spiritual development and self-care.

Scheduling your next appointment:

Follow up appointments are typically booked before the person leaves me office.  If you need to check a schedule, or want to think about it, that’s just fine. Connect with me again when it fits for you. I’m available by text, email, phone and Facebook messenger. I won’t lie, Facebook is not a place I spend much time and its hard for me to work between too many avenues, so I much prefer email, text or phone.

When you contact me, if you have specific days/times that you need, please include that information in your contact. Thank you.

Please don’t wait until you NEED ME. I generally book a 2-3 months in advance, and availability depends on how tight your schedule needs are, so in some cases its further out than that. Please do not wait until you really NEED TO GET IN to contact me.

What if I want to get in sooner?

I do have a waiting list. If you want an appointment sooner than a first available there is a process for that. In order to keep it fair for everyone, I insist people book an appointment so that we have something in the schedule.  After that, I ask for the down payment to be made before I place people on the waiting list. Once the down payment is made, your name can be added to the wait list. I contact people by text message so I’ll need a phone number that accepts text messages. This is just about making best use of time. text messaging is fast. Sometimes a reschedule happens weeks in advance, but often its just a few days, or a few hours (emergencies happen) in advance.  I work through the list by first on the list is first one contacted.  If you don’t make an appointment, I will not put you on the wait list.  This is done to be fair to everyone.


Schedule - Anne Brady CroninTired of the same old, same old?  Yeah, me too.  That’s why I offer private party sessions!
It’s all the fun of one of my public gallery events, but with just YOUR favorite people.
If you’re looking for a fun shower, bachelorette, ladies night or “let’s get together” idea for you and some friends, this just might be it.

Private gallery:
This event is hosted similar to my public galleries where everyone is together and individual readings are held opening, in front of everyone.  I like to keep these events small so everyone gets several minutes of my time for a short but deep, intuitive reading.

Details:  $450.00 for 2 hours, up to 8 people.

Private one on one readings:
In this event, one on one readings are held in private (space provided by host) so each participant has individual private time with me.  Reading length is based on the amount of time and number of people scheduled by the host, for the event.  I am available for a couple of hours, or an entire day.

Details:  $250.00 per hour, number of people determined on individual basis

Corporate/Business/Community organization meetings and events:

I am able to accommodate larger groups on an open gallery format for meetings and events.
Exact fees and timelines to be determined on an individual basis.  Please contact me for information and conversation about your next event.

Speaking events:

Spirit always has lots to say, and I’m no slouch in that department either.  Pick a topic, or choose from ones I can suggest, and I can create a custom format for your next event or meeting.  Whether topics of Spirit, Intuition, Personal Development or Spirit of Business, bring something new to the table, or stage!
This is a great option for large or small groups.

In the area?  No problem. If you’re within 20 minutes of my office there is no travel fee.
If you or your event sight are outside of the greater St. Cloud area there will be a fee for travel time.  Typically, $10.00 for every 10 minutes beyond the first 20 minutes. (I tend to speed, and I’d much rather spend my time with you then in my car, so I won’t be taking longer than necessary to get there)

For information or to schedule any of the above options, please contact Anne directly at or 320-250-9402.


“Spiritual coaching with Anne Brady is equal to years of healing therapy, intensive yoga, hot stone massages and self-help meetings all wrapped up into one powerful holistic package. Insightful, life-changing, magical, and euphoric. The finest gift you could give a loved one or the most loved one of all — yourself. ” — Leslie Morgan Steiner, author of the New York Times best-seller Crazy Love and the critically-acclaimed anthology Mommy Wars