The option of suffering

It has been said that in life, pain is guaranteed, suffering is optional. Yup. Let’s talk about this. A few weeks ago I was working with a client of mine and she was talking about her soon to be ex-spouse. For years their relationship had been toxic; abuse on every level, talking down to her in public creating incredible humiliation,

The sometimes not so gentle tap of potential…

Anyone else feeling just a little… rammy lately? I mean that itch for something new, different, the dream of scrapping it all and walking out of the mundane into a brand new life, just for the fun of doing something so crazy different??? Ok, maybe it’s just me. Except I know it’s not as I see and hear it all

Living the song of your Spirit

As our Minnesota winter has been very spring-like it is actually hard to believe I still have to wait so long for garden season. Each year my unofficial first sign of spring is the Acme tomato catalog showing up in my mailbox. Last week, it happened. As I opened the mailbox the intense orange of the paper almost jumped into

Learning to love “us”

“I can’t meditate. I hate sitting there waiting for my mind to get quiet. It never works. I know I should, but I just hate how I feel. I feel like a failure”. There. She said it. As honest as a new born baby. She was trying so hard to do what she thought she “should” the way that she,

A new view of Discipline

I recall clearly Spirit saying to me that in 2024, nothing will stay the same. I won’t lie, at first I was a bit put off. Being skeptical by nature I was suspicious the moment the words arrived and comprehension clicked in what had been said. “Nothing will stay the same.” As I asked “what the hell does that mean,”

Welcome to the New Year, now DO mostly nothing

Greetings and welcome to 2024! My family will tell you, I am a celebrator. I love to celebrate. All the things; birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, life changes of all sorts and degrees, holidays, non-holidays, a sunshiny day, you name it. On any given day I can be found walking out my front door and exclaiming “HELLO WORLD!” to the sky and

Into the Place You Were Born From

We opened our group as we do every month, with a moment of grounding guided by the voice of Spirit. She led us into our bodies, with the most incredible reverence for its existence, and asked us to breathe “into the place you were born from.” It was a process of deepening into our breath further and further, and further

Be the Jones’ In Your Own World

Since I was a child, I have heard people say, “we are all unique, everyone is different”.  I know it’s true, we are all our own genetic make-up. Close to our family, but not identical. We all have our own life experiences that make us see the world, and ourselves in our own unique ways. Our uniqueness is our greatest

Love in the New Pattern

As he talked about her, I could tell he was super attached to the idea that she needed him. “I have to do this, I have to do that” “she can’t,” , etc. As he continued the stories of where he had to be there for her, take care of her, tell her what to do, and went on and