Living the song of your Spirit

As our Minnesota winter has been very spring-like it is actually hard to believe I still have to wait so long for garden season.

Each year my unofficial first sign of spring is the Acme tomato catalog showing up in my mailbox. Last week, it happened. As I opened the mailbox the intense orange of the paper almost jumped into my hands. IT’S HERE!!!! My heart soared!

Clarence and I spent an hour or more reading it, each delicious variety briefly but poignantly described. We imagined what we wanted for this year’s garden; the varieties we will absolutely purchase again and the classifications where we will try new varieties to see what grows and what tastes great. As we poured over the listings we talked about the gift of walking into the garden and eating fresh from the vine tomatoes, the amazing double tomato BLTTs I made last summer. We could almost taste them again.


In my February LampLighter session Spirit spoke about doing things that make our Soul sing. That in this year the Universe needs us to live at the true unique vibration that we were designed from. They called this our “perfect pitch.” As they spoke they talked about the reasons they are in need of this as we move forward into expanded consciousness, and what it means for us to live in that “song of our Soul.”

Living in perfect pitch has nothing to do with what we do for a living but is connected more intimately to what we do for our life.

As they spoke and in our group conversation afterwards I shared, joking but really not, that my vision of perfect pitch includes chickens.

My entire adult life I have dreamed of living on a hobby farm surrounded, much to my husband’s dismay, by fur and feathers.

Every time the subject comes up I add another animal to the proverbial flock. Every time Clarence says no to one, I add two more. At this point I’m threatening him with things I don’t even actually want… but I love his reactions!

For lots of people the idea of living in the middle of nowhere, tending to gardens, dreaming of chickens would be absolute horror. For me, it’s the dreams that make up my heaven, and that my friends is the magic of “perfect pitch.” What I dream of and find as the joy of my Soul, is NOT what someone else wants. That’s exactly as Spirit needs it! You do YOU!

Our dreams are never identical to someone else’s and that’s how this vibrational Universe works! When we each connect to what makes our Soul sing is it truly the orchestra of Spirit, each one of us playing our instrument in our very specific way. Living the songs of Our Soul. This is how we will move from survive to thrive, this is how we will expand and evolve our humanity and our consciousness. This is how we are pointing humanity forward, by being our Divine self living the songs of our Soul. There, within that perfect pitch we will move out of discomfort, leave behind the fears of the ego, let go of the moment to moment distractions that keep us in a mindless habitual loop of the mundane and deadens us inside.

In this time I beg you, connect with your song, it literally does not matter what it is, it simply has to make your Soul sing.

Find your song, come into tune with the joy it brings to your body and the Universe, and realize we will all be playing first chair in that orchestra of JOY as we move this great consciousness forward.

Forever the journey, Anne

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