Leading with your body

It is a full moon lunar eclipse day… accompanied by 10 inches of fresh, not seen this winter until today, snow.

While many are complaining about “this should be rain by this time of the year,” or “Ugh, I hate snow,” I am blissfully sitting in a coffee shop in Walker, post massage, while my hubby gets a massage… I have time alone in a coffee shop with time! In addition, Mother Nature is giving me permission to lay low and honor the rhythms of this day.

Is it a good travel day? NO. Side note: I have a husband who is without bounds in this kind of weather and he wanted a massage. HIS way of honoring his body’s rhythms wrapped in “I’ve been busting my ass lately.” Whatever works for his mind.
Do I have 10 other things I “should” be getting done? YES
Am I giving myself permission to do what my body wants to do today? YES
Why? Because if I don’t, my body will find a way to let me know what it needs, often whether my head agrees with it, or not.

While teaching an Energy Management class recently I made an emphatic point to the class that our body, our feelings (sensations) and emotions are our Soul’s way of conveying messages to us. That as a culture we have been conditioned OUT OF utilizing our primary tool of communication, our body. You know, that thing that carries your head around?? Yeah, that tool. It’s like heading out on a road trip but ignoring everything your GPS tells you because you think you know a better way, even though this is all new territory.

Hey, me too. For decades I was that person who gave no attention to my body outside of its demands: women issues, acute injuries and the very occasional head cold, which equated to vitamin C and carry on.

This all ended when I developed chronic Lyme disease which manifested in a variety of ways that went undiagnosed for over a decade. Sadly, I did not develop compassion for my body, just resentment that it wasn’t just doing what I told it to, like it did before. Meanwhile, I was coaching other people and doing healing work with them to help their mind and bodies integrate what the energetic world was telling them. I was clueless.

As time and life have gone by, and my husband has moved me to remote parts of Northern MN I have discovered something a little amazing… my body loves, whatever it loves. Some days it’s a long walk in the woods, some days it’s a nap, some days it’s baking in the kitchen, some days in season it’s a long hike or a long bike ride and good heart pumping sweaty gross exercise and some days… it’s time alone in a coffee shop. (There are little kids telling Dad jokes behind me; why can’t a nose be 12 inches long??????  Because then it would be a foot.)

In this time of releasing (because this will be going on longer than today!) be in tune to your body; rest, drink water, journal whatever is coming up inside, and honor what it needs.

We came to the planet in this physical form for a reason… it lets us know what we’re feeling and what to do with it. It tells us when we are out of alignment and when we are in, it feels bliss and joy, and struggle and sorrow, resentment and confusion, and clarity and peace. It is all in there.

Tune in, and let your inner GPS direct you. It knows the route, trust it.

Forever the journey, Anne


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