The gift of ritual – taking my assignment seriously

Some of you may remember me sharing about a process I did at the beginning of the year where I wrote down 13 wishes, gave 12 to the Universe and then kept the one remaining as homework assigned by the Universe. It was a burn ritual and done as a “blind” process in that I didn’t know what wishes I was burning or for what month. All I knew was that the one that was left for me at the end was to “cultivate rituals and practices that fill my Spirit”.

And so it goes. In January I started a process that is based on a Catholic process of exodus. Leaving things behind like sugar, alcohol, excess spending, beyond work screen time, diet changes, and incorporating practices to expand and connect more deeply to faith, which for me is Spirit in all its names and forms. The friend that journeyed with me had different objectives for her time, but for both of us it was based on a desire to more deeply experience that unseen power in our lives.

Some people thought we were torturing ourselves with practices like no sugar, no alcohol, I gave up murder podcasts, my friend did the cold showers… me… not a chance in… wait, I gave up swearing too. etc. The funny part was that my friend and I both commented within the first month that we wondered if we were doing something wrong because it didn’t feel like torture or sacrifice, it felt amazing!!! I was treating myself better than I ever have and it was wonderful!

As time moved on we realized that many of these practices, that in the beginning took so much focus and attention, were becoming habit. That in them, we were truly experiencing our deeper inner journey.

Over months we have shifted to a maintenance focus, still sharing our journey together and supporting one another in our collective and individual meanings for these practices. And something wonderful has been happening. I am starting to see daily practices that benefit me as “ritual”. I am connecting to things that I started “making myself” do at the beginning but are now daily blessings and gifts I give myself.

I recognize this isn’t a short term endeavor, I realize there will be days when I am true to what is so good for me, and days that I totally let myself down. I am human. And, my commitment to the ritual, maintains. The deepening of my practice draws me closer to my inner self, and my connection to Spirit.

One morning alarm, set earlier than it used to be, after another, each day I give myself the gift of what daily rituals can do.


Forever the journey, Anne

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