Finding peace in the spaces in between spaces

The conversation was bold and deep and transparent. Five professionals, all different in how we work but similar in that we work to help create ways for ourselves and others to shift into a new age, with new ways in life, business, leadership and community.

As I feel like I have been navigating change and the unknown for a few years now, I brought up the subject of “how,” how do we stay grounded and peaceful and present amidst constant energies of change? How do we stay “true to ourselves” when who we are is changing? How do we know the vision we have inside of ourselves isn’t really another self imposed limitation by some level of our habitual mind? How do we release ourselves to the great unknown but still manifest a life that we love?

Do you need more, or are you overwhelmed already?

What happened next was fun and heartfelt and exciting, as we all shared our ways that have worked; meditation, connecting with nature, prayer, practicing letting go of the old, processes, and the gift of pause, as well as ways that have not; driving an agenda, working hard towards a goal, believing we are in control, getting frustrated, fearful, etc.

In the end the gifts were too many to mention but what I want to share more than anything, as so many people are feeling the constant pressures of ‘shifting” in ways that feel unclear and unknown in destinations, remember to pause, to stop working, to stop trying to figure it out, to stop the attempt to “know” what can not be known to you at this time. Just stop.

When we pause, we give ourselves permission to breathe, to enjoy life, to see the good around us, to have fun, to be at peace without worry of “what next” or how to go “forward,” whatever that means in this time. At a time when time and space have no confines and so words like forward and backwards have no meaning whatsoever, we need to let go of what we have been through, felt, believed as “that’s how it works,” and release ourselves into what Spirit is calling the “womb of the Universe.” That space where all things are possible and we have no idea what is becoming. That can feel really really big and scary, as well as exciting and full of potential. Whew.

This is a ‘less is more,’ time. BE, just Be. Less doing, less figuring it out, less working for IT, whatever IT is, like we think we know. We only think we know, and that can be our greatest mishap.

What if you really genuinely have no idea… and what if that’s totally ok.

Pause. Breathe. In these spaces in between spaces, these places where we are letting go of one version of life, while we are blindly reaching for the next place of “known,” there is wonder to be discovered. Forget about the struggle to “know” and go have some fun, take a walk, meet with friends and laugh about things that are beautiful and creative, let it just be nothing for awhile. In doing so we open up to the Universe and a greater knowing and we get out of the way and let it do its flow. In our releasing of agendas, we can be introduced to new options and possibilities and great things beyond what our current mind could even think to conceive. Let’s sit back and witness, ourselves and others.

Let’s just hang together while the Universe is doing its thing. It’s time to take a pause.


Forever the journey, Anne

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