The Long and Short Of It

God willing by the time you all read this, we’re through it!   So as you all know, my one and only son left me, his one and only Momma, to join the Navy back in February. He was joining with the intention of becoming a diver, and was scheduled to graduate May 7th. When he left, I was torn

The Tunnel of Fear

It was the feeling of fear in my body that made me realize I was actually afraid. I immediately started directing my self talk and in a matter of seconds was back in a place of, what I call, “resource”.   Resource for me is a place of calm, it allows me to consider multiple options, whereas fear only allows

Of Gift and Curse – Our Dig For the Gold

“I love in the beginning of the book how he asks you what is the worst decision of your life and I thought, “marrying my ex-husband”, and then he asks you, “what was the best decision of your life and I thought, “marrying my ex-husband”. We laughed and laughed and laughed.  How often in life isn’t this just the case.

A Solstice Letter

Ever notice how much better you feel after a walk outside? A stroll in the woods? Getting your hands in the dirt? Maybe it’s just me.  I am a dirty hippy. It’s been said before, perhaps I am misplaced in the smallish concrete jungle which I Live in, I should’ve been a flower child of the 60’s, I belong out

Permission Granted – Taking Steps Into Forgiveness

“I give myself permission to forgive him”, he said. Sitting right next to him, I could feel the emotion well up inside of him without ever looking in his direction. Sometimes the hardest part of doing what I do is letting the people I love have their own process without my sticking my fingers in it so I was careful

Growing Pains

“When this served your Soul, it was comfortable. The fact is the pattern is now uncomfortable and is your Soul’s signal your Spiritual being has shifted out of the old pattern and it’s time for your human components to catch up”.  It was a hard truth, but still the truth. “But he needs me”. She retorted. “No,” I replied, “your

Your Soul Knows

Her Guides were clear, “from the moment you entered into your human consciousness, you knew your Mother’s pain, and you automatically assumed it was your fault. Taking that on was not a matter of choice, it was a matter of survival. It’s ok, you can stop now.” For years this woman has struggled with abusive relationships. She grew up watching

Listening Inside

I am one of those people that for the most part avoids my phone on the weekends. It’s a boundary, personal life thing. We all need time for ourselves, family, friends, etc. and to set work aside.  This story was an occasion when in passing, I looked down and saw a text message from a client and decided to check

Excuse Me, That’s My Energy You’re Sitting On

I was working with a beautiful young woman a while back. She is smart, both intellectually and worldly, pretty, energetic, outgoing, you name it. She is all the things in one package that most people love, but some are envious of and others latch onto because deep down inside they think if they’re with her, they’ll be great too. During

From Obstacle to Opportunity

One of my weekly “musts” is a trek through Quarry Park. I get over there as many times a week as I can, and each time I am held in an incredible state of gratitude for this gift of nature in our community. I am a hiker. Hiking has forever been a love of mine, and when I think of