A Christmas miracle – Something about home

“I think we should put up Christmas lights!” He said it with the enthusiasm of a child. I stared at him with a look and an inner dialog somewhere between “Who is this man and what the hell happened to my husband?” And “will the aliens who abducted him bring him back, or keep him for entertainment,” and “Did he

A holiday reminder – Holding space for others in sorrow

She held them up, and in a voice that had a distinct tone of ‘these are going no matter what, or how’ said, “Would YOU have any use for these?” She was talking to my husband, not me. We all stared at her for a moment, standing there with these obviously used bib overalls in her hand. My husband gave

Into the Place You Were Born From

We opened our group as we do every month, with a moment of grounding guided by the voice of Spirit. She led us into our bodies, with the most incredible reverence for its existence, and asked us to breathe “into the place you were born from.” It was a process of deepening into our breath further and further, and further

Attracting From Your Core

man meditating in front of a lake surrounded by mountains at sunrise

It was such a great conversation I just have to share. I have been working with this client who, like all of my clients, is absolutely amazing. Yes, I am biased and I have no problem with that. This person started on this leg of their personal journey and has implemented daily self-care, practices, and strategies that have lifted their

Why Would You Ever Want to Leave? Women Following Their Greatness

“People keep telling me “It’s a really good job, You make good money, why would you ever want to leave that?” She said it, and my stomach turned. This was the second time in two days I had some wonderful brilliant woman tell me how people were shaming her for wanting more from her career than the status quo. In

Boundaries Not Limits – a Story of Unconditional Love

“I don’t know what’s up with him lately,” she said. “He always has lots of stress at work, but he’s never acted the way he has this last week. We had a fight like we have never had before.” She went on, “sure we have times that we disagree and little tiffs about things” she added, “but we’ve never yelled

Clearing by the River

On a Misty gray Saturday morning, I found myself in my typical place of solace, on a dirt trail strolling through the woods, near water. Surrounded by cedar, dried and falling from its tree, as it does at this time of the year, the trees lead us in knowing how to let go, to release, and to purge. At a

Scars of Life – the Tears of a Tree

My husband was actually the one to notice. I never even paid attention as I was tying our laundry string around a beautiful little cedar tree. “Did you notice somebody carved their initials on that tree?” Like I said, I hadn’t even seen it. When he said it, I stepped back, and I noticed initials truly carved into the side

Mindfulness- a Portage Reminder

I worked for years, trying to rebuild after my shoulder injury that I thought for sure would make it impossible for me to ever get a Canoe over the top of my head, and off, again. There I was trekking down a portage trail with a sixteen-and-a-half foot Kevlar on my shoulders when I found my mind wondering; All the

Where Did I Go? Losing Yourself in Relationships

It took about two seconds before tears started forming in her eyes. “I just miss him so much,” she said blotting her mascara with a tissue trying to keep up with the tears streaming down her face. Interestingly enough, this entire story starts with the passing of a pet. What she was missing in her life was of course this