Working Meditation

I can’t honestly tell you how often I’ve started, dropped off, and then restarted my meditation practice. I still remember sitting in an Esoteric Healing class on the edge of Lake Harriet listening to a younger woman than me at the time talk about how meditation for her, was like breath. She talked passionately about how she needs it every

It’s Nice to Meet You Again

When I heard him say it, my first words out loud were, “who is this?” I was on the phone with my Dad last week and he asked how the fish were biting up North. My husband and I had been eyeball deep in a building project for a few weekends, working full time during the week, so there had

Creative Is a Feeling – We All Have the Ability

I’ve been working with a particular client for some time now. A wonderful woman in transition from work life into retirement. She is a go getter; brilliant, successful, well respected and well liked, funny, caring, the list goes on. As part of the wisdom being delivered to her over time has been an ongoing conversation about creativity. She has always

Searching for My Passion

I have the incredible gift in my life to be surrounded by amazing people, lots of them women, who are absolutely passionate about their lives and what they do. When I say passionate, I don’t mean like yeah, they kinda like it. I mean they jump out of bed and run cheering into nearly everyday super psyched to get at

Not Quite a Gift, Yet

A few days ago I was having a conversation with a coaching friend of mine and she was talking about her take-a-ways from this COVID- 19 situation. While I recognize there is incredible hardship in all of this, I also know that if we can look beyond our fears. There are incredible gifts available as well. As we were talking,

What is Our Problem With Easy?

Zoom coffee dates have become a thing for me the last several weeks of distancing. I’m an introvert by nature, so I’m sure you’ve heard me say that I am having a perfectly delightful time working remotely. Last week I was having coffee with a dear friend of mine who I always find so inspirational and up lifting. We always

Winds of Change, They Are a Blowin’

Some of you may know this, but each Monday for the past several weeks I have hosted something called Meditation Monday. It is a Facebook live event at 7pm central time. The videos are on my Facebook page if you’re so inclined to view the ones from the past, or join in for the live event each week. There is

Time for a Program Update

You’ve all heard me say it numerous times before, I am an introvert. Well, never in my life have I been able to enjoy #allthethings about being an introvert than now. Thank you COVID-19. While I have zero problem staying in and not attending functions, I particularly miss our kids and my parents . In addition, what I am discovering

Hitting a Wall and How I Walk Away From It

I really do try to keep my inner self together. I do yoga, meditate, convene with Mother Nature multiple times a week – even if it’s just gazing at a dried perennial in my garden while I breathe gently in and out. By and large, I do well. I believe my daily practice is what let’s me do what I

The Trouble With Fear

As I sit to write this, the world has lost about 3,000 people to the coronavirus, and the first few cases have shown up in my home state of Minnesota. My heart goes out to the families of every single one of them, because each one of those 3,000 is someone’s loved one, and loss is sad and hard. At