Fear as Part of Life

“It must be a poor life that achieves freedom from fear” – Aldo Leopold I’ve recently done a few things I’ve never done before; learned how to use crutches for the first time, had my first experience on opioids (not nearly as fun as people make it sound). Things that, well, many people have done and treated like they were

Jack of all Trades

We’ve all heard the quote, “jack of all trades, master of none”. Essentially, it’s supposed to be a compliment recognizing someone is good at a lot of different things. Oddly, I have most often found it used as more of a put down to people who do lots of different things, instead of just focusing on one particular thing. Based

Kicking the Habit

Ah, January. A special month filled with our very best. People are paying off Christmas, dedicating themselves to their resolutions, getting back to the gym, eating healthy after whatever it is that happens to us during the holidays, and all around trying to be a better person. Honestly, I am not a huge New Year’s resolution person. Clarence is even

One Person’s Celebration is Another’s Challenge

Almost 10 years ago my oldest brother passed away. As you can imagine, our family was devastated. For anyone who has experienced substantial loss, you know very well that you never grieve the same way again. I tell clients its like muscle memory; once you grow into a particular space, the next time the demand comes, your emotional body knows

Into the Darkness

“All great and beautiful work has come of first gazing without shrinking into the darkness.” – Helen Keller I remember as a little kid being somewhat afraid of the dark. There was no need to be super afraid, as I slept on the second floor of our farmhouse in a room with my sister with three older brothers just around

Christmastime and the Giving is Easy

‘Tis the season for giving. I know so many people who are almost done Christmas shopping, and I just started the day after Thanksgiving. Here’s the deal. Do you know people who don’t like their food to touch on their plate? I’m like that with my holidays. First, there is Halloween, then comes Thanksgiving, and then comes Christmas. There is

Confidently Or Not, We Go

I am a fairly self-motivated person. I don’t need someone to tell me what to do in order to get things done. I identify my own goals, values, and objectives, and go after them without the need of someone else prodding me from behind. With that said, I love a good motivational speaker, author, writer, podcast, etc.  I like the

Hey There, I Hardly Recognized You!

Recently, I wrote a blog about how marriage made me lazy. It did. But hear me clearly, I LOVE IT. Our family has taken to binge-watching a show on Netflix called Meat Eater. We’re total carnivores at our house. You can be offended if you want, that’s totally up to you, but I don’t hide it from anyone. My husband

The Grace of Humility

The Grace of Humility

“You know those moments when you just really fuck up?” she says. I think to myself in a short but powerful barrage of examples from my own memory bank. “Absolutely”, I reply. “I had one of those the other day. Right there in front of everyone. Totally botched it.” She went on. “It felt great”. I laughed. “Good for you!”

First World Problems

I write a fair amount on the topic of gratitude. The common terms of being thankful and appreciative from an optimistic point of view of gratitude. Really, think about it. Gratitude is more than just saying we’re grateful, it’s living as though we’re grateful. It’s seeing the best in a situation when it’s not so obvious. This is exactly what smacked