Waving Goodbye to 2020

Goodbye 2020, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I think we’re all ready to be done with this year. Sadly, it wasn’t the year’s fault. 2020 didn’t want to be a jerk. It didn’t set out to make us miserable. There was no outward laughing as we struggled. 2020 didn’t set out to

In the Tall White Cabinet

There was something magical about just touching the handles on the cabinet. “Run upstairs, it’s in the tall white cabinet”, my Mom said. I’ve heard this phrase a thousand times in my life. At my parents house, in what is called “the junk room”, (think sewing machine, hope chest and storage room) sit two white metal cabinets, the instructions for

The Challenge to Try

“She was too far away.” Seriously, she was all the way across the meadow, but…maybe, not too far. “ Well, she was running so fast I knew I wouldn’t even get a shot at it” . “You could’ve shot,” he said. “I can barely hit a target standing still much less something on the move”. He turns and looks me

The Gift of Nothing

There are not many things that will get me up at 5 am. Typically, it’s been for traveling somewhere fun, which is a great reason, actually. Today, it was NOT for traveling to far off places, but to feed a group, dress in blaze and head out to my deer stand. It was a first for me and in many

The Greatest Gift to Others is to Love Ourselves

“I realized I couldn’t love him that way he was because I couldn’t love myself the way I was.” {Insert mic drop} I literally stopped in my tracks when she said it. A million times I’ve said and heard “you can’t love someone else if you don’t love yourself” but there was something in her voice when she said it

Life Keeps Moving

About a year ago, I set out into the woods with my son and my husband to do some deer stand maintenance. It was a gorgeous fall day and the afternoon sun was just starting to hang a bit in the sky. My son took off on an ATV across the water-sogged meadow to see just how deep the water

Finding New Ways to Say I Care

A while back a family friend passed away from COVID. I grew up with his younger brother and sisters, my brothers were good friends of his, our parents were friends, my parents saw this person probably every other week, etc. Growing up in a small town, these kinds of connections happen regularly. My Mom called me after the visitation. Because

Walking My Talk

I’ve always been a fairly independent person. Growing up as a strangler, I had lots of time alone, and learned to do things fairly independently. As an adult working my own practice, as a bodyworker and now as a Psychic Coach, I am very comfortable with doing all the things I need to for myself and my business. Lay on

What Do You Expect?

Without question, my greatest inspirations for writing come from the clients I work with. This one is no exception. A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a delightful client of mine who runs her own business. She has been working on this business for the last couple of years, launched a year + ago, and has been


Better done than perfect. It is a statement on a simple square of white paper that hangs inside a cabinet door in my office. It has become my mantra. Better done than perfect. For years I have put off doing things outside my comfort zone because I didn’t think they would be good enough. Good enough meaning I was comparing