Love in the New Pattern

As he talked about her, I could tell he was super attached to the idea that she needed him. “I have to do this, I have to do that” “she can’t,” , etc. As he continued the stories of where he had to be there for her, take care of her, tell her what to do, and went on and

A Day of Grate-full Thanksgiving

There is an old saying, “the more you are grateful for the little things, the more little things there are to be grateful for”. Indeed. Today, more than ever, we are surrounded by things to be worried about or afraid of, but what if we shift our focus to what is now and what is true for us? I’m not

Setting Limits to Save Ourselves

“You’re doing the job of 10 people, and that’s a conservative estimate,” I said. “I know”. Her body slunk down, her eyes dropped and filled a bit with tears. “You are an amazing human, but you’re just ONE human. You get three.” “But who’s going to do the rest?!” She looked at me in shock. “Great question. Start with giving

Changing of the Mind

“If COVID has taught me anything, it is to slow down, and be intentional about what I say yes to.” Brilliance! Sheer, unadulterated brilliance! “But the crazy part is, the more I have taken busy-ness off my plate, the more scattered my brain has become. I just don’t understand it.”  Chemistry! Pure chemistry!  So we began to pick this bird

Finding My Place of Peace

Life has been busy as of late; work projects, cabin projects, aging parent stuff, adult children stuff, getting the harvest picked and packed and tucked in for the winter all while working full time. So, I’m stressed. I don’t know about you, but when I get stressed my mind races! Like, think a hundred  squirrels trapped in a cage racing

A Change of Seasons – Life as a Mom

Fall is my favorite season. All things pumpkin and apple and abundance of the harvest. It’s fabulous. One of the things I love most about my garden is the time I can be lost in my thoughts. It’s like a rare kind of mindfulness therapy as not very often so I just get to be and think about what I’m

Follow Your Nature

I love fall, it is by far my favorite season. All the summer people are clutching their sunblock and gasping right now and I’m ok with that. Fall is my season. I want to hike, camp, cook, stew and can, and all the things that take me to a space of nature, creativity, and abundance.  Fall is where it’s at.

Drawing a Line

I am a people pleaser…kind of. I’m also a person who believes I get what I want if, and only if, I ask for it. So, when I found myself in a couple of situations as of late where I was uncomfortable about asking for what I needed, but knew I needed to, I did my usual; I sat, thought

Living In Isolation

For years my niece and I have shared book ideas as far as what we are each reading. We have a common love of all things homestead related; gardening, chickens, goats, sustainability practices, whole foods, fresh air, everything that is by and large directed towards a simple life. This summer when she was home in Minnesota she mentioned to me

Seek Spirit – Quieting in Order to Hear

So things have been a bit uncomfortable, and for many it’s been for quite some time and you’re sick of it. I hear you. I feel it with you. Me too. Spirit is changing its tune at this time. The time of push, push, push until we get the message is being replaced with more of a “its ok, we’ll