Summer. Get it while it’s hot!

Close your eyes…imagine yourself; January, freezing cold, winds howling outside, another vortex coming our way. Makes your spine shiver just thinking about it, doesn’t it?  Now, in that imaginary scene, what do you do to comfort yourself in the throws of winter?

We imagine summer! We think of the sun, the heat.  Lots and lots of heat.  As Minnesotan’s we cling to summer as a means of surviving the other several months of the year. Our visions of summer heal us, inspire us and keep us strong during the long cold months of snow and cold.

So, why on earth do we give it all away?

Its customary for me to ask my clients “how are you?  How’s your summer?” as we warm up to our sessions.  The response has been the same over and over lately, “busy! Too busy!  We’re running constantly!”  Last week I actually had two people tell me they were waiting for Fall so things could “slow down”!  Ack!!!!  Wishing away summer?! How could they?!

Well, they can just like this.

We survive all winter, and the yucky part of spring; the sloppy, cold, windy part that nobody likes, just to get to the glory of summer.  Then, we pack every darn thing we can into those 3-4 months.  We stretch each and every day to the max, literally trying to split time and space in order to put more than 24 hours into each day.  We put the kids in everything possible to keep them from getting bored, any and all family members are convinced we must unite and often, weddings, reunions, wine nights, camping, road trips, baseball games, festivals, BBQ’s, the list goes on and on and on.  Summer is a blast! While we’re planning it all in our minds in order to justify why we live here when its -40, it all sounds great…then we have to live it.

Not so great.

Can we go back to that image in my head????  Here is what I imagine; sunshine, mid 80’s, low humidity but just a little because I like a little, the lake (I love water),a gentle breeze blowing through the trees, time to just sit and rest and relax and soak it all up…absolutely perfect.

Ah, Summer.

Running my ass off to the point that I am waiting for fall so things will slow down, is NOT what I spend January waiting for!  So why do we do it?  Where did we lose control? Why do we ruin our glory days of luxurious warmth on being so busy we never even get to sit and actually enjoy them?

Its time to take some time.

Here is my invite to all of us, myself included.  Take some of your time back.  Spend some of summers gorgeous, luscious, sultry warmth on YOURSELF.  Slow down.  Sit in the sun (sun block applied), rest, relax. Maybe crack a cold one, totally up to you, it’s your vision after all.  Enjoy the feeling of the sun straight on, no windows required.  Maybe you’re a shade kinda person. Great!  Sit in the shade, enjoy the smells and sights and sounds around you, just be outside ENJOYING!

I know, the commitments are already made!  Just MAKE 10 minutes a day! Call it meditation time.  You’ll be so glad you did.

Soak. It. All. Up.

Please, I beg you, winter will be back before we know it.  Let’s not wish this glory time away, and let’s not be so darn “busy” we miss it all.  These are the days that sustain us through the grueling Minnesota winters.  Enjoy them. Love them. Embrace them. These days are fleeting.

Seriously, Get it while its HOT!

Blessings Galore,

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