What is Reiki?

I am often approached by people asking for information about Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”).  “what is it?”, “how does it work?”, “can just anyone do it”?  while these are simple questions to answer, the answer itself, goes some much deeper than can be explained in words.  Our body, as in our physical body, comes nicely equipped with an invisible shield.  Our energy body, that ‘invisible shield” that surrounds our physical body, operates in relationship to everything inside of it, “us” and outside of it “not us”.  This shield is not what we consider as a typical shield in that it doesn’t deflect bullets, or protect us from life’s daggers, but it is more of a filtration system for everything around us coming in, and everything inside us moving out.  Our energy body, in combination with our physical body, contains every moment of our human existence. Some believe, and I am one, that our energy body contains, and gives us access to, every moment of our Soul’s life since its beginning.  That’s an entirely different conversation, and one for another time.

Our energy field
Our energy field or aura, as it is often referred to, is comprised of various levels of energy from our physical body to our Spiritual body, layers upon layers, upon layers.  For simplicity, we’re going to stick to the basics.  The layers of the energy body that are most easily felt and accordingly worked with are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, starting in direct proximity to the body and working outward from there.
Our energy body works as a filter for our everyday life, in that what happens in energy, at some point, manifests in our spiritual layer, which then eventually manifests in our mental layer, which then manifests in our emotional layer, which then affects our body.  What we feel or perceive about others is filter through our energy body as well. Those senses that we just “click” with some people, and for no particular reason, don’t “vibe” with others, are both examples of the information we gather through our energy body.  Our “hunches” or “gut feelings” about something also come to us through our energy body, and the “vibe” we give others about us, is given off through our energy body and received by others, through theirs.  It’s a super cool built in radar system!

What is Reiki
So, what’s all this have to do with Reiki?  Reiki is a hands-off energy healing technique that can help clear our energy body and create a smoother more fluid ‘flow” of energy.  We’re designed to flow crown down, but sometimes things get stuck somewhere in the energy flow as energy is moving through us.  That “stuck” can be developed or created by all sorts of things that have to do with everyday life; stress, illness, confusion, indecision, attachments, and make their way into our attention by leaving us feeling stuck, unfulfilled, without purpose, depressed, anxious, sad, confused, sick, etc.
Reiki is a gentle, noninvasive way of allowing energy to flow in its natural pattern by introducing another energy as an assist.  This other energy in Reiki is called “smart energy”, it is a belief that the energy that is being directed into our energy field from our Crown, is smarter than our conscious mind, and knows exactly how to flow, where, and in what quantities in order for balance, and often times a level of healing, to occur.  Reiki can be done on oneself, and on others for purposes of creating balance and alignment in the energy flow.  Healing is something that often happens, but as we operate in Reiki without an agenda, (there again, trusting that ‘smart energy”) healing is not something we “DO” for ourselves, or for others, it is a state of allowing energy to create what it can and will create within us.  This oftentimes takes the form of healing.  WE are not healing someone, or ourselves, we/they are allowing Reiki energy to bring healing to them.

How is Reiki done
Reiki can be done anywhere, anytime.  I typically work with people lying down on a massage table, fully clothed, in a relaxing atmosphere.  However, I have worked on people at athletic events amidst crowds and noise, on kitchen tables, sitting in chairs and sofas, the possibilities are endless. There are even techniques in Reiki to allow distance healing so the person working can be in one country and the person receiving can be in another…really!

Can anyone do Reiki
YES!  Reiki is a technique that anyone can learn and utilize.  Reiki was developed long ago, legend says in Japan, and from there was brought to Hawaii and then to the states.  Please understand traditionally Reiki was an oral teaching, so the history is not as clear and factual as we’d like it to be.  Fortunately, this has no effect on what Reiki can do for us.  Reiki uses hand positions and in advanced training uses symbols to accentuate the energy for healing.  These techniques can be taught to anyone, even children.  In fact, some children find using Reiki to be an impowering way to work with things like anxiety, anger, attention issues, fidgeting, restlessness, and others.  So, anyone of any age can learn and be empowered to do Reiki!
that is what makes it such an incredible modality!!

What if the person ‘doesn’t believe”
When teaching Reiki, I always tell my students they must get permission from the person they are sending healing to, even from a distance.  When someone comes in and lies down on my table for a session, permission is implied.  I ask if they have an intention, or most often their desire or what they’re currently working on/through has been talked about.  I have their permission to work with them.  when doing distance healing, it is easy to incorporate our own personal agenda “they need some help”, “they can use this”, “they’re so messed up”.  Even if we know they could use it, it is always important to maintain healthy boundaries with people.  We can never assume we know more about someone’s journey and Soul’s path then their Spirit does.  It is not good for us, as the practitioner, or for them, as the receiver for us to be intentionally influencing their energy field without them knowing about it.  Often people will talk about religious beliefs being an issue.  I tell them this; Reiki is like prayer.  It is not a religion, it is an intention.  And just like prayer, we are setting an intention for an outcome with the best interest of ourselves, or our client, and the greatest good in mind. We are praying with them and for them. in Reiki that prayer takes a different form when we are actively working with it through the hand positions and symbols, but the intention is still very much the same.  Reiki aligns with the energy of many faith belief systems and there is no intention for it to be a substitute or to alienate people from others, or from their faith belief systems.  Reiki is always done for the greatest good, that is why we trust the “smart energy”.

What can Reiki be used for
Reiki can be used to treat and bring healing to anything and everything.  We can use Reiki on machines, and structures, and intentions for manifestations, for healing illness of all kinds, plants and trees and animals, birds, land, people, EVERYTHING! Because Reiki is intended for the greatest good and allows us to trust “smart energy” it can be intended for use on literally anything and anyone.  Even those who are willing to give permission, but don’t believe it will work, can receive benefits.  Reiki can be sent into a situation to create resolution, or a population for healing.  There have been global Reiki healings organized to send healing during times of devastation and natural disasters around the world.

Reiki is simple, and amazing.  If you haven’t experienced Reiki, I strongly encourage you to do so. If you’re at all inclined to learn Reiki, I encourage you to explore that as well.  Our world can use healing, always. We are called as humans to raise our vibration and be our best in this world.

For more information on Reiki, you can visit the International Association of Reiki professionals at www.iarp.org and the International Center for Reiki Training at www.reiki.org


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