What Are We Looking For?

What Are We Looking For

Several years ago, I was on an overnight with a friend of mine when he noticed me checking my phone.  “Do you ever just leave that thing alone?” he asked me. “What? I’m just checking text messages.” I retorted. “Un huh, for the 100th time since you got up.” It was about 11 o’clock when he made the comment. I

The Self Remembered

Within each of us there is a sacred voice, one that has never been heard before, and will never be heard again. I said that. I say it often, in many ways to clients, friends, family. We are each our own unique self. We come here to this planet pure and fresh, fragile yet fierce, knowing intuitively we have a

The Spirit of Spring

The Spirit of Spring

Thank the great Spirit, Spring is SPRINGING! Folks, here in the Midwest, it has been a loooooong hard winter; record snowfalls, major vortex cold spells, as those of us who have been around awhile have said, “It’s a real old-fashioned Minnesota winter!” That sentiment comes with both smiles of remembering fun filled days as kids, and a little bit of

Smooth Seas Do Not Make A Strong Sailor

“Smooth seas do not make a strong sailor”. No truer statement has been made, and this particular statement surrounds a depiction of a large clipper ship amidst raging seas…on the arm of my son. It is a message he holds dear and one that I believe strongly in. “Life” is not most fully experienced through ease alone. I can feel

The Grace in Falling Down

The Grace in Falling Down

I’ve had plenty of people in my life validate me for being strong; single Mom, self-employed, paid a mortgage on my own for years and still had a great life. I can do things like install hardwood floors, tile a bathroom, sheetrock walls, etc. I got this, or so I thought. Then, something crazy happened. Not all at once, but

It’s All About Walking The Path

It's All About Walking The Path

I was sitting at coffee yesterday, with a client I’ve worked with the last few years in various capacities. That being both personal work, and business coaching. This time, it was to be a business conversation that quickly went the way of personal growth. Really, the sometimes struggles of personal growth. See, when we are growing up, we’re given a

Being our Best

I gave a talk to a local women’s’ group a while back.  It was a talk, that joyfully, turned into a conversation, and I love conversations.  I don’t always like giving “talks. Even I get bored listening to myself sometimes.  But I do truly adore conversations.  It feeds my love of people, and what they think, and who they are

What is Reiki?

I am often approached by people asking for information about Reiki (pronounced “Ray-Key”).  “what is it?”, “how does it work?”, “can just anyone do it”?  while these are simple questions to answer, the answer itself, goes some much deeper than can be explained in words.  Our body, as in our physical body, comes nicely equipped with an invisible shield.  Our

Becoming Yourself – Opening to your intuitive uniqueness

So often I am asked “how can I open up to my own intuition”.  Many people that I sit with recognize themselves as being intuitive.  They know they have hunches that often work out the way they thought they would.  They think of someone and a short time later that person calls.  They’ve had dreams that came true.  All these

Is Love A Second Hand Emotion?

30 minute session

“What’s love got to do with it” ~  Tina Turner. Sorry to date myself on the music, but is love really just a second-hand emotion? A sweet old-fashioned notion? I think not. Welcome everyone, to February!  The month of love, and cards and candy and pink hearts everywhere.  It’s great, isn’t it?  Well, mostly. We really put a lot of