Wildfire by Guest Writer Kristie Hennen

Kristie is a travel nurse, adventurer, and truth seeker on all levels. She employs wisdom and perspective that is clear, value-driven, encouraging, and absolutely refreshing. You can find Kristie at any moment with her toes in a lake, her elbows on the family table, or gazing at the wonderous views from the top of a mountain. She is a bright light of our future.

Have you ever seen a wildfire?

If so, you know how incredible it truly is; how powerful and captivating it is to watch something burn to that intensity. Now, most might not see the beauty in these fires, and I can see why. They essentially destroy everything in their path. But what if I told you that there is so much to appreciate in them? What if I told you there is beauty in wildfires?

This is the story of my Wildfire. 

All fires start with an innocent spark.  Some intentional and some not. And that’s exactly how we started.

Flashback to a few years ago, I was sitting on an airplane flying halfway across the country to meet someone for the very first time. Sure, it absolutely sounds crazy, but crazier things have happened.

I landed in the middle of nowhere. I knew no one and was entirely alone. And as I sat there and waited, there was really only excitement that I felt. I didn’t have any fear, doubt, or hesitation. And then I saw him.

A dirty, sweaty, and bearded wildland firefighter. Yep. That was him. And in the moment that I met his eyes and saw his smile, I knew he was going to be very important to me. In what way I wasn’t sure, but important nonetheless.

The next week was filled with some of the absolute best moments of my life. Two humans, who, with an innocent spark, ignited something beautiful; the kind of beautiful that can’t be captured or put into words.

Fast forward to nightly phone calls, trips, and countless laughs, the relationship roared to life. He lit something within me, and I was fully prepared to let it burn through my veins. I was entirely consumed by it. By him.

But, like all fires, they eventually burn out.

Remember how I said I can see why people don’t see the beauty in wildfires?


That’s what I felt. I was truly devastated. The heartbreak I felt was unmatched. The once beautiful and happy girl that I was, was destroyed.

It took me a very long time to work through that. Fortunately, now, I am in a place where I can appreciate and be grateful for it. And for him. This brings me to the beauty.

Do you know what comes after the burn?

New growth. 

That’s it. That’s the beauty. I grew in more ways than I can begin to explain. And I can say with certainty, that without him; without my Wildfire, I wouldn’t have grown into the person that I am. And for that reason, despite the devastation, I wouldn’t change a thing.

We all have our wildfires.

Some, maybe, that grow a little bigger, last a little longer, and burn a little deeper. But instead of hiding those scars, embrace them.

Because there really is beauty in wildfires.

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