Progress – seeing what currently is does NOT look like

Walking into our cabin, the place our entire family loves to spend time any season of the year, a place filled with fun and love and great memories, the contrast to what was in front of me almost made me cry. Dust of so many different sorts (sheet rock, paneling, tile, old carpet, new carpet, you get it) was tracked all over the floor, a thick layer of it on top of everything within eyesight, and stuff, our stuff piled and shoved and stacked everywhere, I could have cried.

I love remodeling during the tear out and the put back together phases, but sometimes it’s hard to know where I’m at in the process as all I see is chaos.

During this time of energetic expansion we in our human vibrations are gaining greater access to the quantum level. Basically it connects us to a realm where we are shifting before it occurs to us to shift. More on that another time. In quantum physics there is a theory of order within chaos. It basically says that nothing is ever truly out of order or place, as place and order are constantly up for grabs as all is becoming and only our focus gives it thinghood.

Kind of like a remodel… or just everyday life.

It’s that place in growth or manifestation where we are in the discomfort of the old, before we have a clear handle on the new. It’s just messy and dusty and often confusing and maybe even a little depleting. Too often when we are creating changes in our life we have to step full on into the discomfort to get to the other side of it, to what it is we are building. Our ego loves the comfort of familiarity, while our Spirit craves change.

What to do in the in between???

Fall in love with what will be. Really feel how great it is, even though that’s not what it looks like right now. That “mess” is you becoming something different than before! That “mess” is the undoing of years of habit and conditioning and limitations as you are making your way towards something better. The “mess” is proof that you are changing. In the quantum field it IS simply by your focus.

I look past the dust and get to work making more of it. By the end of the day the main room is even dirtier with more stuff piled everywhere, but there is hope down the hallway. Old carpet out, floor swept and prepped for new carpet. Walls covered to finish off some of our changes.


Like the morning sun it lights me up! Progress. Signs of what’s to come, in alignment with my internal vision! Clarity in “the mess”.

We all need to look for the signs of progress in our lives. Sometimes things don’t change in an instant. Sometimes the mess lasts days/weeks/months/years! Stay with the vision that you know is being actualized through you. Keep your focus on what you are currently creating. The mess will shift, and you will see progress.

We are all remodel projects; finding ourselves outdated in our beliefs, old stories, narratives that don’t serve us, it’s time to update.

Have a vision of what you are becoming.

Look closely, where there is mess, there is always progress.

Forever the journey, Anne


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