The Imaginal Self

Do you ever stop for a moment and take in the reality of how many things had to go perfectly right for you to be sitting where you are, being able-minded enough to read these words and comprehend them? Stop and think for a moment; there are approximately 30-40 trillion cells in the human body…TRILLION! Like, with a T! Every single one of those bad mamajammas knows exactly who it is and precisely what it exists for. There is no confusion or question… they know their purpose.

When you were just a little blob of goo, in those first moments after the egg split, you, as the exact unique individual that you are sitting there right now, were being created with a sense of already knowing what you were to become. Every single cell that split and developed after that was following a blueprint of “knowing” that created you, as you. This cell knew to become part of your brain that makes you understand mechanics, this one in someone else makes them understand design and a similar cell in someone else makes them see the world in artistry and movement. We’re all different, and unique, but we all had a map of becoming that was known to our entire system, before the system was even done being built inside your Mom.

Deepok Chopra calls this the Imaginal Self.  He uses the analogy of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. The caterpillar knows intuitively when it’s time to weave the chrysalis and go to sleep…forever…never to return to its original form. The caterpillar dies and its body decays until one magical moment, one cell that already knows its becoming, springs into action and changes everything. The process is called transmutation. It is a literal death of the old self so that a new form can be born. It’s not a “kind of” or “sort of”  or “maybe I’ll make some changes” kind of commitment. This is an all-in, off the deep end, of the cliff without a parachute kind of commitment to change.  No, you can not change your mind. No, you can not take a minute to decide. No! You do not get to know what’s going to be waiting for you at the other end so you can decide if the effort is worth it. No, there’s none of that.

This is unabashedly screaming “YES!” at the top of your lungs while you run into the fire and burn.

And we wonder if we’re made for this…
And we wonder if things will be okay…
And we wonder what our purpose is in being here…

Are we kidding?!

Stop. Seriously, stop for three minutes and consider any part or all of this, and then try to tell me you don’t know if you’re on purpose, if it will be okay, or if your heart’s desires are worth the effort.

(insert typical nonsexual coach’s pat on the ass here)

Get out there. You’ve totally got this.

Forever the journey, Anne

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