Seeing Through Her Own Ears…

“I re-listen to our last session, and I’ll be honest, I was shocked at what I heard. I listen to myself, and I thought I sounded like one of those women” she said, with more than a note of surprise in her voice. 

“What women are those?” I asked in response.

“Those women that are in horrible relationships. You know those women that feel like they’re almost being suffocated by their marriage” she said, with more remorse than I even have words to describe.

With love in my heart, I pressed him, “So how does it make you feel to hear yourself sounding like that?”

“It reminds me that I have to be aware of my words and that I sound like I am a wife, that I’m not. I don’t have a miserable marriage. I don’t have a husband that’s abusive or hard on me. I think I’m just so in the habit of feeling unfulfilled that somewhere along the line, I let myself believe it was all his fault.”

I think we can all agree, that’s a pretty powerful awareness.

In this incredibly magical time of shifting energies and raising dimensions that are asking us well, more like tearing us away from our old patterns, it truly is time to start to hear ourselves.

I had another conversation just this morning with another client who is talking about what she has to do to rescue someone else. I lovingly, but directly stopped her and turned her so she could look back at the words she used. Initially, she really didn’t get it. She really believed that that was just a verbal slip up but she really didn’t feel that way.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you something without any doubt or question. The words that we use, when we’re not paying attention, are the words that describe most accurately the attitudes, philosophies, beliefs, and narratives that are still running the bus of our lives. 

If you think you didn’t mean what you just said, take a little deeper look – here’s the shovel. In this time of shift, we are moving out of seeing ourselves in a place of powerlessness, and entering an amazing new energy of our own empowered nature state. We did not come here in hardship, we came here in joy and curiosity, and excitement. In this new energy, Spirit is making more and more room for our joy and our curiosity, and our excitement. 

That doesn’t mean “real life“ won’t happen; bad things will happen to good people, there will be people who will pass away and relationships that we will leave behind. It’s simply the human experience. 

What it does mean is that we are coming to an awareness that we have all of the resources.  We need to be enough for our lives, and to create joy and fulfillment for ourselves.

As they directed in our May lamplighter experience, “Mind your words“. Yes, truly mind your words. Listen to yourself and hear the words you use to describe your life, situation, experiences, obligations, etc. The truth of the vibration you hold all of those things in is embedded in the words that you use. Bring a friend it makes it easier. Truly ask the people who you love and trust to be witnesses for you and with you. Sometimes it’s hard to hear ourselves. It takes practice. I’m asking you to practice.

In the moments that you catch yourself using words that may have fit your past, but do not fit your present experience, change them. Make a conscious effort to hear yourself, and leave behind the disempowered state of your old narrative in order to enter into a newly empowered state, where you see and experience yourself in a place of choice. 

We will still do hard things. And when we can do hard things from a place of consciousness, knowing that we are choosing them for ourselves, instead of being victimized by “having to” do them, or seeing that we are choosing to hand our authority over to someone else when our old narrative is that they have been taking our power away, that is true empowerment.

Our spirit simply will not allow the old defeated narratives any longer. In this time, they will utilize every opportunity to show them to us. Be awake, and recognize where you are being provided opportunities to shift an old narrative, an old perspective, or an experience into something that leads you to your great self.

Forever the journey, Anne

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