Trust that Soul

I recently sat down and read for a woman who went through an incredible loss as a younger woman, the birth of a stillborn child. Devastating. As a medium it is a territory I have been in with others before, and yet, it still always touches my heart similarly to any major loss that I have not personally experienced… I can only imagine.

During our session the Spirit of this child spoke and explained to her that the point of that experience was accomplished in a moment, and her Mother knew exactly what that moment was as this child’s Soul told the story. She got it, and it brought some relief.

Later that day, another woman who had lost a child in miscarriage… this child spoke to her Mother in clarity about her own need to “leave the situation” as a pregnancy and not come into this world through her parents.

Too often as parents, and Mothers especially, when these things happen, we blame ourselves, we wonder what we did wrong, or how we were not enough for that child, and that feeling alone can last for decades.

For both of these women, having a connection to that child’s Soul and hearing them speak of their needs, the experience that they were crafting, and the Soul agreements held with their parents, brought tears… and closure.

Sometimes it is hard to trust the wisdom of our Soul, that there are agreements we make, that there are roles we play for one another, and that there are times when those roles leave us with hurt and confusion, especially as the experience comes through who we have known, as a child.

Trust that Soul.

Every time I read for someone who has lost an infant, child or pregnancy, that child’s fully grown and evolved Soul shows itself to me in its adult form. That mature soul will often hold its child form in its hands as it speaks about the Soul direction of the child that was lost.

Most often what begins to happen for the Mother/parent is that they start to relate to this lost child as an adult Soul with wisdom and knowledge and a purpose for the experience they went through together. The shift in perspective going from an innocent victim child, to that of a purposeful evolved formed adult, can be life changing.

Trust that Soul.

Even through the heartache, trust that there is a greater purpose that you may not know, but was made by a Soul that is as full and strong, and smart and wise as you are. Know that you charted this course with an equal, not a child. That your Souls had an agreement entered into by two vibrational beings who knew exactly what they were creating together, and had accepted the purpose behind the experience.

Trust that Soul, and trust your own.

I am not saying this from the standpoint of believing this makes it all ok, I am sharing it from the standpoint that I hope whoever reads this, and has had any of these experiences, knows there is great wisdom within themselves, and the Soul they shared that part of their lives with.

Trust the Souls.


Forever the journey, Anne

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