No Edits by Guest Writer Kristie Hennen

The other day I caught myself reading an old post I had written a while back. As I began to read, I noticed that I wanted to make changes, edits, if you will, to my already finished pieces.

I didn’t want to take away the meaning behind the post, I just wanted to enhance it. I wanted to add a little something or maybe explain things a little more clearly.

But before I could begin, I stopped myself and reflected on the words I wrote and what I felt back then when I put my feelings into those words.

Because, those words, were my feelings, then. They were my story and my reality, then.

I didn’t want to take that away from the version I was. I didn’t want to change those words.

Ultimately, the story I told and the life I lived is the very reason I am who I am today.

I realized that my wanting to make those edits is a sign of the growth I’ve made. It’s me recognizing all that I’ve overcome and, fortunately, have a new outlook because of it.

One day I’m going to look back on this post and I’m excited for the edits that I will want to make but won’t ever do.

So grow, evolve, and change because of the past versions of yourselves, the stories they told, and the lives they lived.

But, the past itself, the reason for your growth, make no edits.



Kristie is a travel nurse, adventurer, and truth seeker on all levels. She employs wisdom and perspective that is clear, value-driven, encouraging, and absolutely refreshing. You can find Kristie at any moment with her toes in a lake, her elbows on the family table, or gazing at the wonderous views from the top of a mountain. She is a bright light of our future.

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