Into the Place You Were Born From

We opened our group as we do every month, with a moment of grounding guided by the voice of Spirit. She led us into our bodies, with the most incredible reverence for its existence, and asked us to breathe “into the place you were born from.” It was a process of deepening into our breath further and further, and further until we connected to ourselves in the incredible truth of who and what we are meant for in this time. A truth of us that we have always known, but too often lose contact with in this human realm. 

The energy of water, and all the emotions it brings with it, have been heavy lately. I have been feeling it, YOU have been feeling it, we have ALL been feeling it. Sometimes the ebb and flow and often lately the sense of almost drowning in it. 

It is real, for sure. Palpable, raw, and somewhat disarming. There is a vulnerability to this emotional energy; a place where we are feeling seen in our ugliness in every direction we look. What we may be seeing in our outside world is a tremendous amount of anger, which is fear, projection, again fear and a need to power over…fear. 

So, fear. 

In this time I beg you to BE within yourself like never before. Love yourself, be kind to yourself, advocate from a place of clarity…that place you were born from. There is your safety, your reprieve, your sanctuary from this current storm.

The beauty is that this current energy is sent to clear away the gunk of what is old, and used to scare us, and used to make us feel weak, and is here to assist us in finding that we are super clear on what will motivate and inspire us going forward. 

While uncomfortable when we let ourselves get blown away by the force of others, all we need to do is to connect into the depths of a pulse of Spirit. 

Breathe from that place you were born from.

Forever the journeys, Anne

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