Grieving Our Old Self

I am most certain that if you are a follower of mine, and you read my posts, then you too have been feeling the angst of the energy of this time. Astrologically, there is a tremendous amount that has shifted. As a part of the shift the confine that our ego mind had, and identifying the who of who we are, and that we are, and what we are, has been lifted. And by lifted, I mean the box of our self-perception has been broken, kicked over, stomped on the ground and shattered into pieces while our spirit energy laughs and laughs and laughs. Lol

While this is a super uncomfortable time for a lot of us – feelings of sadness and despair, some almost feeling listless and detached from our lives. In other moments, we feel a euphoria that bends our minds to wondering if we’re actually manic. Many moments our sense of “give a fuck“ feels nonexistent, and I’m hearing time and time again from clients that they don’t know if they belong here or not, question whether to quit their jobs and move to the woods, start a commune, or just sit down and have a glass of wine and wait for it to pass. Honestly, go with the latter.

This is an incredible time of grief for many. In this time we are  losing the sense of self that our habitual mind was so invested in. This is truly a time of loss. There is a sense of holding heaviness in our hands, that also is lending confusion to the mix as in our consciousness, we don’t really understand why we’re sad. We don’t really comprehend what it is that’s being dismantled from inside of us. Our habitual mind knows that it is losing something of incredible value and yet, we really don’t know what that is.

It is truly a time of incredible evolution and change, and let’s face it, our habitual selves don’t really love change. And, this one is a big one!

In the dismantling of the old perceptions of self there is, of course, a new birth that follows. It’s like that old adage “when God closes a door, he opens a window”. But they often don’t talk to you about this long hallway in-between. Please understand on the other side of this grief that will really only last a couple of more weeks, there will be the hallway in-between. The hallway will be filled with moments of truth, confusion, empty space, and unknown. As we move from one to the other, I encourage you to sit lovingly inside of yourself with yourself. I encourage you to feel the feels of grief and loss, but not miss the opportunities of the excitement of something better that is coming. I encourage you to honor your sense of self while you are experiencing the inner confusion of not really knowing what “self” is right now. You are perfectly on track. That’s right, you’re normal.

Be mindful in this time of how you care for yourself; be patient, be kind, be gentle, eat cleaner, hydrate more, connect with nature. Be grounded and centered. This hallway won’t last long, but you will know it as you feel it, and I want you to recognize it as you are stepping into your next level of becoming.

The sun will shine brighter on us and in us, and through us, as we move through this time.  Have grace and patience for yourself.

Your life will be full of different months from now. Give yourself permission to gently grieve as your habitual self is letting go of your former identity. It no longer serves you to stay attached. Know that there is wonderment in you that you are becoming. Know that your love, your light, your gifts of your spirit, are all being beckoned forward.

The method to the madness is that more of your great self will be birthed.

Forever the journey, Anne

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