Facing the Darkness

It was odd when I got the question the first time about three weeks ago, then another one, then an email, and yet another inquiry…even I could see something was up, and it was serious.

“I read somewhere that with this evolved energy the dark energy is now stronger too,” she said.

I paused as this is NEVER a conversation I want to go into flippantly.

“Yes. That can be true.” I replied and waited.

And here is the deal, that absolutely can be true.

We are moving and shaking our way through the biggest dimensional shifts in our history and folks, we’re killin’ it! High fives all around! We haven’t imploded the earth and destroyed humanity in the process, good job.

I’m only kind of teasing but that’s a much longer story.

At any rate, with these powerful shifts, wonderful energies are now our norm, and with that, darker forces are stronger as well. It’s balance, that is all. When the Light gets lighter the dark has to get darker. It’s not a personal agenda, it’s balance! With that said, our availability to force at this fine juncture of time needs a bit more of our attention. The scope has widened in both directions, so if you had a tendency to live or believe or have a mindset more to one side or the other, then that will be exacerbated at this point.

If you struggle with mental/emotional health you may be noticing an increased struggle recently. Take that seriously and care for yourself as you need to, don’t ignore it.

If you have a tendency to be toxic positive (because this is a real thing, people) you may find you’re feeling a bit manic lately.

If you’re like me and you run internal perfectionism and have an outward calm, all you may want to do is sleep and let the world figure itself out.

If you are genuinely super chill, your coolness is cooler and more abundant than ever!

Why? Balance.

The mirror reflection of our true inner self is shining brighter and clearer than ever and it’s a perfect time to address all those things we keep ignoring hoping they’ll just be “fine”. They won’t. In the eyes of Spirit, this is the growth opportunity in this time when even the dark is stronger.

It is time to take inventory of what we love and want to bloom and grow and where we need to come to the clarity of “not working well” and address it head-on.

Take personal inventory, have the hard conversations, get your personal and relationship-self in order (self, others, love, business, finances, all of it), declutter, smudge your house, reset the energy around you while you’re resetting the energy within you and let’s rock this dimensional shift.

Forever the journey, Anne

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