Becoming Yourself – Opening to your intuitive uniqueness

So often I am asked “how can I open up to my own intuition”.  Many people that I sit with recognize themselves as being intuitive.  They know they have hunches that often work out the way they thought they would.  They think of someone and a short time later that person calls.  They’ve had dreams that came true.  All these things, and many more are glimpses into an intuitive mind.  Here’s the secret.  We’re ALL INTUITIVE.  Yep, its true and if you’ve spent any amount of time with me, you’ve heard me say it before, “we’re all intuitive”.  I believe it like I believe the sun will rise tomorrow morning.

The question to me is not how can I believe that’s true, the question in my mind, is how other people can NOT believe that’s true. Here’s the rub, if you believe at some place in Spirit, we’re all connected, let’s say, “we’re all created by God”, then you believe that some place we’re all connected.  So, if we’re all connected someplace in Spirit, then we share a common space, a common vibration, somewhere.  Ok? So, if THAT’s true. If we share a common vibration somewhere, then the idea that I have gifts the rest of you don’t have, is just silly.  If we’re all ONE, then we’re one.  The end.

In my mind, intuition is like singing; some are naturals, some study hard and get to be really good, and then there are those who can open their mouth and create sound, and Spirit loves it, but maybe not everyone wants to be standing next to that person in church. Intuition works basically the same way.  Some have a little more, some do a little more with it, and others, well, they’re just kind of oblivious to it, and then there is ALL THAT SPACE IN BETWEEN.

There is a vibrational level for each and every one of us; it’s a culmination of our Spirit, our Soul story and our human experience this life time, or rather, how we think and feel about our human experience this life time, that lends to our precise vibration.  With that, comes our ability to receive vibration and how effectively energy moves through our field into our mind and body.  For clarity sake, I’m not here to convince you this is the exact scientific model for energy, but its an easy way to get a picture of what’s going on.

With me so far?  Good. If not, we need to spend some time together.

So, we’re all the same, but still different.

The trick is to discover the easiest way Spirit uses your intuition to communicate with you, and how to bring that into your daily life.  See, we’re not all designed to do the same things.  We can’t all be Beyoncé’, or Oprah, or Tom Brady, Deepak, etc. you get it. I can’t be you, and you can’t be me because we’re not intended to.  I could do a crude impression of you, but because I’m not you, and I haven’t experienced your life through your lens, and I don’t have your DNA, nor your soul story, I can’t really be you.   We’re all here to do what WE, as individuals are here to do, whatever that is.  and WHAT that is, is why we’re here in the first place. We’re here to walk our Spiritual truth onto the planet through this human vehicle.  So, be YOU. Make that your focus first, and then set yourself to task to discover how YOU relate to your intuition.

There are some basics to follow like do you “see”, or “hear” or “feel” or “just know”, can you ‘taste it”, or “smell it” or some combination of those.  Are you an extrovert, or an introvert?  Because that makes a difference as well.

In the end the name of the game with intuition, is trust. T.R.U.S.T. Trust. However you receive it, receive it and believe it.  Trust it.  When you have a ‘hunch” follow it and see what happens. If you have ‘sense about it” go after it.  If you “just know, but you have no idea how you know”, if it “just feels right”, DO IT!  Folks, life is a big science experiment.  The way we find out what works, is by trying.  The way we find out what doesn’t work, is by trying. Stop taking yourself so seriously. Oh, is that the pot calling the kettle black?? I believe it is!  yeah, I used to be the captain of the “take myself too seriously” squad. Don’t worry about it.  I have had to practice for years to lighten up.  Now, I laugh at myself…a lot.  Just take it easy. Practice receiving your intuitive voice, or sense, or feeling, or knowing, or whatever it is in that moment, and trying it.  See what happens.  The more you play with it, the more you’ll build confidence, the easier it will be to love your uniqueness and walk your gift, your way, into YOUR life.  Remember, it’s all about being YOU!

Blessings Galore,


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