Attracting From Your Core

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It was such a great conversation I just have to share. I have been working with this client who, like all of my clients, is absolutely amazing. Yes, I am biased and I have no problem with that.

This person started on this leg of their personal journey and has implemented daily self-care, practices, and strategies that have lifted their vibration, and literally changed their life.

Not all of this has been easy; it meant, leaving a relationship that was incredibly unhealthy for them, which meant moving and finding a different place to live. It meant leaving behind step children that they no longer have the privilege of seeing or parenting, family that is no longer speaking to them, friends who have turned away, etc. This was hard!

During our most recent conversation, they were talking about a book they were reading that was geared towards teaching people how to be successful and attract what they truly desire into their life. Honestly, everything about this book was absolute crap. It was totally focused on telling the reader how they need to dress, how they need to cut their hair, how they need to position their body when they’re talking to people to show they are open and confident, how they need to position their body when they’re being looked at in public to appear more confident, what kind of car they need to drive, the size of house they need to live in, etc. Everything was focused on how to make people believe they were successful without actually being successful. His Guides literally laughed while we were having this conversation. “Nothing” as they said, “could be further from the truth.”

His spirit went on to point out how he had gotten to where he was in this stage of his life; that he had been willing to mind his nutrition so that he could be healthier and feel better, that he had been willing to meditate daily so that he could start to develop a connection to his true inner being, and experience his sense of Spirit connection, that he had been willing to move his body and do yoga on a very regular basis because he had learned to disconnect and disassociate from his physical body in order to stay in a relationship that was hurtful to him, and it was time to learn how to feel peaceful, and at home within his physical being again. All of the practices that he had done helped him to be more of himself, and so did the journey to learning what his authentic existence really was, because he had completely lost himself in his previous relationship.

His guides spoke about the value of knowing his true self. They spoke of the importance of being willing to be uncomfortable as he got honest with himself about where he had gotten lost, and disconnected from himself along life’s journey as a means of trying to accommodate and “fit” in the life of other people. This last year has been completely about discovering who, and what he truly is. As his Guide spoke, he started sharing stories about times in the last couple of weeks that he had engaged with a stranger, and made them laugh. He shared opportunities to get to know someone that normally he would’ve shied away from but his curiosity led him to start conversations that left him excited for new possibilities. He talked about moments he hesitated, walked away, but then stopped and told himself, “you can do better,” and turned around and tried again. He was purposeful at pushing himself out of his comfort zone because he knows in order to be different, he has to BE different.

Spirit spoke of us as magnetic beings. That when we are in connection with our Divine self, fully present and embodied in our human form, that we vibrate in a way that draws people towards us. That what others in human form love is to be engaged with in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. When we are trying too hard, when we are doing all of the things that the book says, trying to make others believe we are something other than simply who we are, when we are faking it believing that that is going to get us somewhere important, we are sadly disillusioned.

However, when we are in full ownership of ourselves; the good, the bad and the ugly, then we attract people, opportunities, and possibilities towards us. Owning who you are in your authentic form is not the pursuit of perfection, it is the courage to be honest about knowing your strengths and your joys and your gifts right alongside your weaknesses, your fears and your shortcomings. It is from that place of true honesty that we continue to practice our self-awareness, and it is from that place that we openly invite others to be drawn towards our honesty, our authenticity and our sincerity.

People love to be around people who are comfortable in their own skin. People are innately drawn to people who make them feel good about who they are, not try to get outsiders to believe in some cookie-cutter approach to success. Particularly in this time where the old defeated fears are falling away, and we are birthing into a vibration of Divine feminine and exalted masculine, people will smell fakeness a mile and a half away.

Be true to who you are and be willing to share openly from that space a full ownership of yourself. That will become the secret sauce for you to automatically be and do the things that continue to align you vibrationally to, as his Spirit said “stand at the tip of the arrow.” That place where you are so clear about what you love, what brings you joy and what serves mankind, that your desires will be magnetically attracted and draw your abundance directly to you.

No need for fakes.

Own yourself. Get comfy in your own skin. Be willing to accept and claim your complete self knowing that you will continue to grow and evolve and change. Be willing to step onto the tip of the arrow.

Forever the journey, Anne

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