A New Light Is Shining

She showed herself to me in a way that was nothing less than angelic. As she spoke, her arms opened, and her iridescent gown showed me the vastness of the cosmos that we are all an integral part of. No boundary, no fixed state, just pure potential in the eyes of Spirit.

During this Lamplighter session, our guide talked about this time of trial; we are in a time of releasing the old ego stories that our time of releasing dis–ease, is upon us. As souls who incarnated on purpose, agreeing to the terms of the playground that we experience as a “lifetime” but in our wisdom, we know now is the time to move beyond the confines of how we have known ourselves, and how we have experienced ourselves up until this point.

The Lamplighter Council referenced the idea that the aspects of our lives have been plagues. Some we have chosen over and over and over again to sweep under the rug, to ignore the discomfort that they create, and it is time for them to move out.

This is a time of liberation. In your great self, in your infinite spirit and wisdom, you feel the call inside of you. I know you do. I know that you are feeling the discomfort of shifts and changes in your energy, in the energies around you, and in what you are seeing in the world. I know it’s uncomfortable. And please understand me clearly, Spirit makes it undeniable, clear that this is a time for the greatness of our light to shine. We are here to transform old vibration into a new evolved expanded vibration. We are all Alchemists in the eyes of Spirit, and as good scientists, we are constantly transmitting the old into the new. This is a time of acceleration for that very work.

For some, it will actually feel effortful; we will leave old lives, old relationships, old jobs, and old mindsets. It won’t always be comfortable or easy, but it will be simple. Our intuitive knows our connection from deep within us to the Spirit that leads us will be clear. We will truly know in an instant what is for us and what is not.

Our job in this human plane is to make choices and decisions according to that. “Should” and “supposed to” are not phrases that we will be able to tolerate any longer. They are simply for an agenda that is not ours. In our heart of hearts, we feel that. Within our bodies, we recognize what loves supports, and encourages us to be our greatest self, and what we experience as a sense of obligation, or expectation, from others, that does not live in alignment inside of us.

This is not to say that all expectations are bad, they’re not. It’s just that when an expectation aligns within us, we don’t even recognize that there’s an expectation at all. When we live with an alignment within ourselves, then we simply flow from our own inner being. We are connected to our place of value and priority and truth and honesty, and so we fulfill in life for ourselves and others. We just do it. There is no hardship.

When there is hardship, we need to stop. We need to recognize if the hardship is an expression of an old story or a place of exhaustion. “I don’t like being told what to do“, “I feel like there’s so much pressure on me”.. Oftentimes, these feelings are signals from our inner self that we are out of alignment. These are indications there is something that we need to dig deeper into that is not currently fitting us. Grab a shovel. Dig deep, and explore beyond the surface.

Now is the time to gain a new perspective, and to step into a new relationship within ourselves. This does require honesty, it does require transparency between our habitual mind and our consciousness, and it will require tools.

Be willing in this time to move with the tides; if you are tired, rest. If you need to move, get up and do so. If you’re hungry, eat. If you feel the need to detox, fast. Follow your body. We are being escorted into incredible new.

Vibrations, energy, and the old mechanisms simply will not work in this new energy. We’re all going to make it, don’t worry, but the quality of life that we experience is what this shift is really about.

There is a beautiful dare. There is an exquisite version of you that is just waiting to live its way out into this world. It’s time to unlock the past and open the door to your bright light.

Forever the journey, Anne

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