Where Faith Lives

I think the thing I love most about my work, more than anything, is what I get to learn from Spirit through the messages I deliver to others. I never cease to be amazed at the information and perspectives I learn and gain. This story is one of my favorites.

A while back I was working with a woman who had lost a dear friend of hers. Her grief was palpable. The friend was so loved, and so missed by so many, of which she and her husband were two. A larger than life force had left the world too soon, and her heart was heavy. Part of what she missed so much about her friend was that it was this friend who she talked to about her faith, religion, sense of connectedness to this world and her sense of spiritual purpose within it. Losing this person in her life was indeed devastating.

She and I were talking with her friend, connecting to him, laughing with him, receiving messages from him, and then as we talked, Spirit stepped in to answer a question more of a conversation than an answer.

Since her friend passed, she had been having trouble feeling connected to her faith. She had been overtaken by the feelings that she had lost her faith, and was heartbroken at the idea she had let God down and her friend down because of it. Initially, she figured it was grief, but was becoming more distraught by the fact that she hadn’t felt the presence of faith return. The image Spirit gave to me was of a little girl running towards something she couldn’t catch, caught between a place she knew she needed to leave, and a door of safety she couldn’t quite reach. The fear in it was evident. The feeling was of being chased by something she couldn’t see, but could feel nipping at her heels. They (her Divine guides) began speaking to her about her perception of faith being something out there, something separate from her that she was trying to get to; a safe place, while she felt like sadness, grief, and negativity were overtaking her.

It became less about what they said, and more about how they said. They talked to her about faith being something she had inside of herself, not outside of her. Spirit talked about her needing to connect to her faith, her presence of Spirit inside of herself, when she was lost in the feeling of running after it. She didn’t really understand.

“Spirit”, they said, “wears you”.


Yet, she didn’t quite know what this meant, and I just wanted to hear more. You see, it’s often much easier to understand in my position than in my clients. I am not blocked by their current perspectives, or grief, as they are, and I get the full experience of their messages; the pictures, sounds, feelings, and the words in a fashion which often creates instantaneous comprehension. It’s cool, I’m not gonna lie. My job is to deliver all of those things in comprehensible human language so my clients can have the same understanding I have been given. The downfall here is not Spirit, it’s often me. So, we continued to work together, me describing every detail I could, and her focusing on leaving the place she started from, to travel into somewhere new. Hers was a much tougher job.

“Spirit wears you,” they said again. “You are our greatest expression. Faith is not something that lives outside of you, that you learn, or have to follow like a drummer. Your faith is in you. It lives only because you live. It breathes and grows only because you breathe and grow. It is expressed into this world only because you labor and deliver it into this world. Faith does not exist without you. it is nothing but vibration, until you bring it into fruition.”

“You are Faith. Spirit is simply vibration.”

I hope you’re sitting down right now, and I was glad that I was at the time, because this shit is powerful.

And so true.

Spirit brings similar messages often, “you are our best idea ever” and this applies to each and every one of us. “We live because you live”, again, all of us, and now, “Spirit wears you, you are our greatest expression’.

Somewhere out there a mic just dropped.

People, it’s more than true. Spirit is simply a quality of vibration. It doesn’t have an existence. That is our part of the agreement. We bring Spirit forward, its purity, goodness, love, beauty, all of it are brought forward through us. We put matter to the method. Literally.

Without us Spirit would simply retain its quality in vibration, and don’t get me wrong, it transcends words in its quality of vibration. But, to truly live, it needs us to own it, to experience it inside of us and to live it out into our world. “Faith” is our expression of Spirit. It’s our knowing that there is something greater than us that is going on.

She got it…and cried. Not in sadness, but in the beauty of it. The impact of knowing Spirit, her faith, had never left her. She is it. It can’t leave her, ever. Nor can it leave any of us. We are vibration made manifest.

“Thank you” was the words that were able to make their way through her tears. More than enough said.

We are never alone, we are never without Spirit, or Faith, or Source or whatever words you use to describe that sense of being or more than within you.

Spirit wears us, Faith lives through us…and we’re beautiful.

Blessings Galore,

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