What If God Were Benign? by Guest writer Marla Waseka

“There’s something that’s within you, there’s power within you, that is greater than the world.” ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith

Marla is an interior architect/designer and solopreneur; she is the owner of Graceful Spaces, Graceful Salvage, and the Olive Branch Retreat. She is a soulful writer, friend, and amazing human. I am honored to have her in my tribe. 

Hello Anne,

What if the events that transpire in our life are granted not in response to our wishes and pleas, but to our confident knowing (also known as faith)?

What if it isn’t God that thinks we’re unworthy of getting what we want – it is only ourselves who believe it to be so?

What if we could receive what we want, not by working insanely hard, instead by utilizing optimistic expectation and pre-emptive gratitude?

What if we consider that requirements of us created by social etiquette; family memes; religious dogma and government regulations are not spiritual laws? (How many strictures in our society are really important to a Higher Power?)

What if we have been granted Free Will and only we control our life plan? We are allowed to make choices …which also gives us the opportunity to experience the natural consequences of those choices. (Perhaps choices made at a soul level.) The results of which we may or may not like. Yet, that is the way in which we grow.

What if characteristics given to God such as judgments or anger are human characteristics which limit an omnipotent existence?

What if?

I agree, these are challenging ideas to consider. But, we should at least consider them.

I think it is an interesting (and somewhat liberating) concept that it may not be God dictating how we should act or go about pursuing our life and our purpose. That there is no one granting wishes or in charge of ensuring that our desperate pleas come true. Instead, we have been provided with this incredible opportunity here on Earth to create our life however we want. Should we not take advantage of the opportunity granted to us? Should we not allow others the same opportunity?

Whether that is a life filled with drama; ease; chaos; adventure; love; strife; excitement; pain; contentment… No matter how it comes forth in our life – it is based on our conscious and unconscious choices.

Maybe, God is not controlling it, but watching us with benign, non-judgmental love and compassion as it plays out in our life.

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