What Do You Expect?

Without question, my greatest inspirations for writing come from the clients I work with. This one is no exception.

A few weeks ago I was having a conversation with a delightful client of mine who runs her own business. She has been working on this business for the last couple of years, launched a year + ago, and has been adjusting her sails to staff issues as long as she’s been at it. No easy task; so many employers comment on how challenging it is to hire good employees as the information that can be gathered, or requested has become quite limited. It’s one thing to not discriminate on race or gender, but I still think a person’s employment history should be available for consideration by a potential boss. But, that is another story entirely.

During our conversation this client was talking about how she has been using all the law of attraction principles in her hiring. She’s been listening to her inner guidance system and can’t figure out what she’s missing in this process because she keeps hiring the wrong fit. Her Guides, as she was talking, started talking to me about her expectations. “While her process and manner of request has increased, her expectations have decreased”.

So I had to break the bad news to her. “Your expectations have lowered,” I told her.

“No they haven’t” she retorted with a bit of an edge to her voice, “if anything my expectations have gone up!”

“Nope. Your standards of what you’re asking for have raised, your expectations of GETTING what you’re asking for, have gone down” her Guides were very clear and what was going on.
She was confused.

Essentially it’s the difference between asking from the intellectual part of your mind, and what you’re believing from the emotional part. Everytime she put out what she was wanting, it was immediately followed up by a feeling that she wouldn’t get it.

“You don’t actually expect to get what you’re asking for” I told her. “Yes, you are asking with greater clarity and focus, but deep down inside you don’t really believe you will get what you’re asking for”.

“Ugh,” she sighed “you’re right”.

Good, so we agreed. The great part of it was that after discussing the why of how she had fallen into a state of disbelief, she was able to see her way through to the other side of that. We developed a plan of attack as to how she is going to shift her back towards being someone who creates for herself. She has her daily practices, she has her plan of developing and paying attention to herself and giving herself what she needs in order to feel safe expecting the best.

Only time will tell, of course, but I’m incredibly confident.

Spirit has an automatic pilot that recognizes our vibrational integrity around an issue and gives us opportunities to clarify, redefine and manifest that which we are in desire of. There is no judgment if we aren’t completely clear, we just don’t get specifically what we’re asking for. There is no shame if we fall into a state of not believing, we just get more opportunities to practice returning to our belief that Spirit does indeed provide. It’s all good. We just have to pay attention to what we can pay attention to in order to craft not just our desires, but our ability to have faith. Faith that what we put out there will eventually make its way into our life. Yes, in its own time, not ours, which is another conversation, but eventually it will come.

Our expectations are the root of the equation. Our thoughts are powerful, but our truest feelings are the fuel to the fire.

I mean really, what do you expect?

Forever the journey, Anne

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