What Did You Say? The Power of Our Inner Words

“I HAVE to do this. I don’t have a choice. I made the commitment and now I have to make good on it.” Her words bit like a bee sting in my ears as she spoke. It was actually painful to hear.

“I can’t spend time on what I really want right now. I don’t have time. I hate it, but I have to get this done and I’m stuck with it until it’s finished “


Her entire experience was tied up in a place of disempowerment. Her inner storyline was clear she was absolutely powerless and there was nothing she could do about it. Her words were merely a reflection of her inner perceptions. I knew it, I heard it and understood what I was hearing. Now it was time for her to hear it too.

“Listen to your words.” I said  “You’re living from the expectations your family had for you as a child. You’re still in there as a teenager working your ass off to get someone to see you, and they never did. You’re not that child anymore, but she (the inner child) doesn’t know that.”

The entire conversation shifted in that moment of her awareness.

Naturally, at the moment she was speaking her truth, she honestly believed what she was saying. She wasn’t really hearing what she was saying. Often the gift of a listener is to help us hear how we have our stories stored Inside of ourselves. What are we holding as truth and fact, even if it doesn’t exist anymore and in many cases, hasn’t for years.

“You’re frustrated with the situation because you still feel like you don’t have any choices. Ask yourself, what are you choosing? Whether you feel like you have a choice or not, you do. You need to help that young girl recognize she can have a choice, she has power and she can choose for herself. You need to mind your words.”

Our words are always a reflection of what our inner self experiences as the truth. They describe precisely where we are coming from and how we got there. Through self-awareness and mindfulness we can begin to hear ourselves and the words that automatically come in front of our minds and out of our mouths. There is our opportunity for change. By recognizing our inner beliefs, we can begin to shift them on purpose. It’s not one more affirmation statement, it’s truly mindfully shifting our storyline by being totally and fully available to the version of ourselves that holds that old truth. We can change the storyline by giving those former versions the opportunities to experience themselves in a new empowered form. A form that is strong, conscious, intentional, and purposeful.

Our words hold the secrets. Be aware of how you say what you say and the message you’re repeating to yourself.

You have the power to choose.

Forever the journey, Anne

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