We entered into the group space and Spirit was clear in its vision, “it is a time of releasing” and showed me a vision of a tumbleweed bouncing along a dusty gravel road, circa the old west.

They continued to explain that we are wearing off our old, unserving, outdated of all things; beliefs, values, feelings, thoughts, etc., and from the core of our being, are beginning to grow outward into this world, from a greater TRUTH that lives within.

And so these are the times we are in. There is truly a nudge from Spirit to release an awareness that no longer serves us. Yes, Spirit is still doing the work for us, but now is a time to bring our conscious awareness to the table in a way that allows us to recognize what is no longer “us”, and in many cases never was, and where we are being asked to grow or glow from our inner greatness.

More than ever the planet needs our Divine Light, that truth of us that life and human nature have taught us to hide. We are in a space where every moment is a question of what draws out more of our Divine nature and what shoves it back beneath the surface.  Find yourself in thought and ask yourself how those thoughts feel in your body. Listen to your words, and see the responses they receive from a standpoint not of others’ reactions, but what moves your needle closer to your desires, or what keeps your joy at bay. What are you doing in your life currently and does it fill your cup, or does your energy leak out the bottom and leave you listless and unfulfilled?

Notice. Notice, and ask yourself what gets you closer to your Divine self? How do you know that you know yourself? There is a “true north” within you, the effort and attention is necessary so that you can follow it, and discontinue living behind the mask that life has taught you to be and to wear. You are NOT that character. You have a Spiritual grace within you, and the universe is giving you all the tools you need to peel back the layers. Let the core of truth become your new growth that will keep you vital, alive, and rooted in your gifts.

No more tumbleweed.

As the layers wear away along that dusty road, we will find our feet firmly planted in a new growth of clarity and certainty.

Forever the journey, Anne

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