The Stuff of Stuff – A Time to Declutter

Are you feeling it?

Every time I walk into a room lately, I am immediately drawn to what I can get rid of.  The book I was meaning to read and am sick of seeing next to my bed table, the top that looked so cute on the mannequin but I have no place that I ever wear sequined anything to, the kitchen gadget I used a total of 10 times when I used to bake Christians birthday cakes with a theme every year…that I haven’t used in like 12 years!!! Yeah, we all have them and now is the time Spirit is moving us to get rid of them!  This time of Solstice is a time of purging, it is a time where our energy says, “hey, I need that space to create my self, can you get some of this crud out of here, please?”

Heed that motivation of Spirit. It is indeed a time of clearing out, of getting rid of the clutter and the unused. Stuff takes up space and any space that is full takes our energy. So, stuff takes up our energy. Seriously, the more stuff you have around you, the more your unconscious mind has to filter everything in order to have a sense of order. The more distracted we are by having to filter everything, the more energy it takes for us to feel calm, balanced and to get things done. Stuff slows us down! Stuff is distracting! Stuff soaks up our energy like a sponge and we need our energy. It is not just our creative force I’m talking about, but our literal life force. If your energy is occupied processing and filtering all the stuff around you, it is less energy for your body, mind and Spirit.

Of course we all need some stuff. We need a place to eat, to sit, sleep, exercise, cook, and enjoy. Yes, we all need some stuff.

But do we need so much?

We are a culture of “havers”. “I have one of those.”  says one. “Me too” says others. “I need to get one” says one more.  How often do we talk about how often we use “one of those” or the joy, if any, it brings to us in our having it?  Not often.

So maybe we really don’t need it. Maybe having isn’t really where it’s at anymore. Vibrationally, we’ve shifted. We’re not living in the energy and dimension we used to. It’s ok to honor this in ways that feel like and live like less, not more. Your inner nudges to clean out and eliminate, on every level; mentally, emotionally, and physically, are good and honest.

A good friend of mine is a Feng Shui designer. Here is her tactic to seriously pair down and get down to what really brings you joy each time you go into a room or closet, take out nine things. There is some special mojo to the number nine. Every time. Feel the room. As you begin to feel your surroundings instead of just moving through them on autopilot, you’ll have more motivation to pair down further. Clear out until you’re down to what you really use, and what really is meaningful and joyful to you. Do this with closets, especially your clothing. Studies show that the average person only wears 25% of what is in their closet. Twenty five percent! Let this sink in. We all need the occasional items. I keep two pairs of black pants, one I can wear with flats and the other pair  with heels, for certain occasions, but I don’t wear them very often. But I had five pairs. It was ridiculous – but now they’re gone!

Go with the feeling of the energy shifting. Our Spirit is wanting more space to be creative, more space to spread out our Light and our vibration of joy and love, more space to experience new and different and more space to include others.

It’s time to give ourselves more space!

Forever the journey,

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