The Self We See

This is not my typical meandering. It’s not a perspective based on a specific story, it’s a notice from Spirit that I have been delivering again and again and again, for the past couple of months.

It is time for us to release the versions of ourselves we have believed are true.

In our LampLighter group a couple of months ago, the Council (a body of Spirit that delivers messages to the LampLighter group) spoke about how we are being asked by Spirit to release our psyches and identities about ourselves. It is a time of letting go of how we always see ourselves as, “I’m always helping”, “I need to be there, they’ll never get it done without me”, or “if I don’t do it no one will”, “if only it would ever work out in MY favor for a change” “these things always happen to ME”, etc. We all have them, no judgment. We all have these identities we hold in our habitual minds as the definitive truth of who and what we are. We’ve talked about this before, and we will, I’m sure, again.

At this point, Spirit is moving into verbiage like, “the old is being stripped away”.

Did you hear that?  Stripped, as in, they’re not asking us to release anymore, these former versions are being removed from us.

I’d love to pretend that while Spirit is always operating in the vibration of love because in Spirit there is nothing other than love, this would mean that anything being stripped from us is going to be fun and/or comfortable…I know better, so I won’t even try to convince you this is the case.

What does Spirit use to get our attention? Our life…yes, our life. Spirit uses our life experiences to get us to bring into consciousness all the things that we need to shift consciously. Much of the time the work is done via our unconscious mind and we can nicely change in our sleep, or walking through the grocery store, totally unaware…that’s super nice. But, when we need to actually “get it” in our consciousness, Spirit will let our life experiences let the tale we need to be receiving, whether we like it or not. Comfort is not something Spirit focuses on, because after all it’s just a perception and Spirit knows we came here to play and practice and our Soul doesn’t take it all that seriously. So again, don’t wait for things to be comfortable!

In this time, be aware of what Spirit is letting your life tell you.

When my friend falls randomly, for no reason, and breaks her knee, the first thing she did was look up the metaphysical meaning of her right knee. Her sharing her experience took me to another layer of my own letting go process of my left knee injury a few years ago (linked I believe to my son flying the next to join the Navy and the fact that his decision took me in an entirely new direction and chapter of my own life, and my uncertainty of what that would look and feel like. The body speaks!) Her experience reminded me how important it is for me to pay attention to my own inner nudging, and so am laying out some plans to care for myself more directly.

Here’s the deal, not everyone is going to agree or like our changes.  Spirit doesn’t care!

Remember:  2022 in its energy is about how we desire to experience ourselves.

So, yes, right now it is quite all about me/us/you. It is sincerely a time to pay attention to the nudges of Spirit and receive its messages about the former perspectives of self that are being stripped from us. Spirit will give you information, messages, and nudges. Your job is to follow and honor them.

All that we need to navigate this time of change is within us. In the LampLighter group, Spirit is often reminding us you brought with us all that you need.

Indeed we did.

Stop. Breathe, pray, meditate, walk in the woods. Be mindful of your environment.

And release.

Forever the journey, Anne

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