The Self Remembered

Within each of us there is a sacred voice, one that has never been heard before, and will never be heard again.

I said that. I say it often, in many ways to clients, friends, family. We are each our own unique self. We come here to this planet pure and fresh, fragile yet fierce, knowing intuitively we have a purpose. A purpose that is beautiful and unique and perfectly US, and then we’re born, and we forget.

Several years ago, I was studying with Dr. Carol Ritberger, a medical intuitive and personality expert in California. Part of her program was to connect us as students to what she referred to as “our mastery of”. On a soul level it is the thing our Soul has attained a level of expertise in, from multiple lifetimes of experience, that we come here, in this life, to help others connect to within themselves. We’re teachers in our “Mastery Of”, here to help others experience this piece of themselves. Mine, is “self- remembering”. For years I honestly didn’t get it. I felt like I struggled with my own sense of self; my own individuality, my own uniqueness. Most of us aren’t’ raised to be “different”, we’re raised being told to be the same. To be like everyone else. Our ego knows this on the most basic level as the threat of death. If you aren’t like your tribe, you aren’t accepted BY your tribe, and you’ll be the first one left outside to be eaten by the wilds. Not a pleasant thought at all, but still is the base line fear of our ego mind.

I was raised in a small town. Being like everyone else was super important. Whether you were on the end of the have’s or the have not’s, you wanted to fit in.  God forbid if you were one of the people the local grapevine was talking about. I’m not going to lie, I made it through those ranks a time or two. When we fit in, we believe people will take care of us, they’ll like us, they’ll accept us because we’re easy and comfortable for them. Largely, this is the way the planet and its people work. “Like attracts like”, right? We tend to collaborate with people who are like us, think like us, beliefs like us, act like us, like the same things, the same activities, etc. We are indeed, as people, most inclined to want to be with others who ARE like us.

So where does all this hubbub around uniqueness come from? What’s this stuff about authenticity? Why do we work so hard for so much of our lives to be accepted and fit in with everyone else, just to throw it all away so that we can delve into what makes us different????!  Its crazy, really! So, why do we pursue it, this thing called self-actualization, authenticity, uniqueness, individuality, SELF?  Because, we can’t NOT. Our Soul spends much of our early life accumulating the story lines that we need in order to do our self-discovery work.  We have the experiences, live in the towns, attend the churches, belong to the families, the groups we do, because our Soul knows within all of that, we are developing a sense of what “is” us, and we begin the feelings of what is “not” us.  We know, because our little feeling bodies tell us. As we grow, many times we shut those feelings down in order to fit in. As time goes on, often we become uncomfortable with the version of ourselves we’ve become and begin to unpack the layers to get down to who and what we truly are. We self-remember. Our Spirit calls us, gently towards it our entire lives. Asking. Prodding gently, and then sometimes not so gently, as we gain awareness of what we’re NOT, so we can gain awareness of what and who we ARE.

Often times we have to really get muddy in the what we’re NOT. We try, really hard, to be who and what we’re told we’re supposed to be. We bust our ass to fit it, and keep up, and in doing so, end up wondering why we’re not happy and fulfilled and we’re just tired. PERFECT!! My clients think I’m completely nuts when they show up in my office, tears ensue, story after story of how they’ve got a nice life on paper, but they’re not happy, or they had a nice life and then it crumbled and they feel lost and confused, and I am sitting there grinning from ear to ear. Seriously. You should SEE some of the looks I get.  I get excited!!  It’s all I can do to contain myself! ‘YOU’RE EXACTLY WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!” I tell them.The looks only intensify. One time, I actually had a woman get up and say she needed to leave if I wasn’t going to understand her misery.  I laughed, (sorry, not sorry) and asked her lovingly to sit down while I explained. “It’s what I DO,” I told her. The universe brings me people at their wits end, confused, hurt, sad, not knowing how to go forward, or where forward is, or where it will take them. It’s what I love.  Give me a wounded heart and an open mind, and I’ll show you “AMAZING” about to explode open. My work is to help people remember that they are incredible, they’re beautiful, they’re smart and talented and the story they’ve adopted through no fault of their own, or intentions of anyone, just isn’t the truth. They’ve simply hit a place in life that their Spirit opened up, their Soul ignited and all that is uniquely “them” needs to come out.

I’m not saying its easy, or always pretty, or comfortable. I’d be lying if I told you there isn’t some work involved, or that it isn’t often a one step forward, half step back, kind of process. It is what it is and its different for everyone. But inside of each of us there is truly a Divine self, one that has never been experienced on this earth before, and that never will be again. Don’t we owe it to ourselves then, to be unique?  To live our special form of beautiful onto this planet.  To try and fail and try again knowing there is a truth inside of us, a voice that only WE hear? To listen to that voice and become the perfectly imperfect version of that one unique voice? To take the risks for incredible love and bountiful Joy just because we only get one shot at this? YES!! YES, WE DO!!!

I beg you, listen to your inner voice.  Hear what your Spirit is asking from you, because it’s for you.
every moment of every day there is a voice, soft, loving, encouraging, speaking the truth of you into the depths of your heart.  Listen.  You’re remembering.


Blessings Galore


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