The Power of the Mantra

I keep telling myself, “I am happy, I am healthy, I am wealthy, I am wise” , she said.

“I’m reinforcing to myself that all is well. As I get older, I know I have to be clear what messages I’m giving myself”.


Our minds are learning machines! If you take a look at just a few of the things you’ve been able to learn and master in your life, it should absolutely awe you in your mind’s ability to learn and implement. Once it took you painful amounts of focus to walk, run, brush your teeth, drive a car and now all of these things are done on autopilot.

For some reason, particularly as we get older, we stop challenging ourselves to learn and expand ourselves and our abilities. Neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to develop new routes) according to science decreases as we age, but mostly in situations where people are no longer challenging themselves to consider new ideas and practices. Practicing with our mind’s ability to implement new practices is always important, and equally important to use our minds’ ability to develop healthy habits that make our lives, not just easier, but better.

Enter in the mantra.

Mantras are a repetitive process utilized primarily in meditation practices, to give the mind something to focus on in order to maintain a state of mindfulness. Simple statements, recited over and over again work directly with our minds’ love of thinking. Often we are annoyed when trying to meditate that our “brain keeps talking to me”. Yes, it does and it will. We have to remember that quieting the mind is a practice, as our mind habitually produces thoughts over and over again, it’s what it does. So, teaching it not to, is the intention of the meditation or prayer practice.

We can use mantras to keep our mind entertained, and the beauty is while we’re keeping the busy child of the mind busy, we are also training our mind to accept our mantra as a truth. So statements like “all is one”, or the mantra I started this writing with, the mind will accept as the truth of the situation. So we are training ourselves to buy into something we desire, so creating from that truth becomes more natural and automatic. Remember the habit mind that is so good at learning? Yeah, that mind is also so good at adopting practices, thoughts, feelings, etc, and making them into habits. It’s simple genius.

So, while we talk about mantras, or their more typical reference of affirmations, we are teaching our mind and accordingly our entire being, to align to a decided truth. These affirmations, as they are statements that affirm us, can be powerful in shifting our inner being to accept our more natural state which is that of abundance.

Start simple. Design a saying that identifies what you are trying to create space for, or awareness of, inside yourself. Then, repeat, repeat, and repeat. Repeat in meditation or prayer time, when you’re making coffee, driving to work, on a walk, write down your mantra and tape to your computer, mirror, nightstand, or your steering wheel. Saturation.

Our mind is an incredibly valuable tool in creating health and wellbeing in our innermost states. We come to this planet nicely equipped with all we need to align to our desires and Spirits wisdom of our abundant beautiful nature.

We have what we need to be “happy, healthy, wealthy and wise”.

Forever the journey, Anne

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