The One by Guest Writer Kristie Hennen

Kristie is a travel nurse, adventurer, and truth seeker on all levels. She employs wisdom and perspective that is clear, value-driven, encouraging, and absolutely refreshing. You can find Kristie at any moment with her toes in a lake, her elbows on the family table, or gazing at the wonderous views from the top of a mountain. She is a bright light of our future.

The famous ‘the one’ phrase and its connotation. But what is, the one? And why is there a societal, and maybe even, a biological, pressure in finding said one?

Culturally, women aren’t encouraged, supported, or applauded for creating a life of adventure, purpose, and success, without a man by their side. As a female in her mid-20s, the most common question I am asked is, “are you married?” followed by “you just haven’t met the one.”

After ensuring my happiness and independence, it all comes down to being told that I’ll find the one. But what they don’t know is that I have found the one. It’s just not in the romantic/life partner sense. Sounds crazy, right? But hear me out.

I have found the one.

I have found the one career that I feel I was destined to do. The one that brings purpose to my life, yet, challenges me in ways only it can. The one where I touch lives and where mine is touched right back.

I have found the one.

I have found the one group of people who understand, encourage, and support me to no end. You know the type; your people, your tribe. The ones who ‘get’ you. The ones who not only help you up, but sit by you while you’re down.

I have found the one.

I have found the one place that elevates my soul; somewhere I am able to pursue my passions. My opportunities are endless and my freedom is unmatched. I have created this life for myself and for that, I’m so dang proud.

I have found the one.

I have found the one version of myself that I’ve always wanted to become. I have grown into the most authentic me. I have never been so secure, nor, have I ever had more love or respect for who I am and what I represent. For that, I’m grateful. And I’m excited for the one I evolve to next.

So, yes, I have found the one.

Have you?

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