The Most Precious Gifts

“I love her”, I thought to myself while I watched her speak, “I just love her”.  I can’t even tell you what she was talking about, and honestly, it really doesn’t matter. I just focused on the look on her face, the way she twists her mouth and then, “blah, blah, blah, whatever”.  I laughed. Out loud, I just couldn’t help it.  She didn’t even notice, and then just continued into another monolog.

I remember years back when my husband and I met, and the reality that both of his parents had passed on years before we had met. I remember the first time he heard me complaining about my parents. The look in his eyes as he stared, almost piercing my heart and said, “bitch while you can Anne. When they’re gone, they’re gone for a really long time”. It hit me like a bullet. F–ck, he was so right. I was totally taking for granted I was then a woman in my 40’s and had both of my parents still alive and healthy.

Years have passed and my Dear’s words still hang with me.

My “word” for 2021 was intention.  Every year I get handed from Spirit a word that is my mantra, my focus for the year. In 2021, it was “intention”. A few years ago my Dad almost died in an ATV accident. That year, my word was reckless optimism. Spirit is crazy that way. So, this year I have tried to be more intentional in all I do. While there is still room for much improvement, one place that I have truly held my intention is with my aging parents. Whenever I find myself glazing over during conversations, I find something about them; their face, their voice, their hands, etc. and focus on and say to myself ‘I so love her” or “I just love him” to bring me back into the moment with them. These are precious moments anytime we are together and the past year plus has certainly taught me the value of being in the physical presence of those that I love.

At this time of year many people I know are missing those that they love. Me too. Those that I love and have lost are second in my heart and mind during the holidays. First in my mind, those that I have in front of me. The people I love and still have here sharing my life with me. They take up my “first in thought”.

I believe, while it’s so easy to lose ourselves in the past, or the future; our present, well, is truly a gift. Each moment we are with those we love, these are our true gifts in this life. If we’ve not gotten it before now, life can be fragile. What we take for granted can change in an instant, gone forever.

Let’s be in it. Lets live awake and aware of our most precious gifts.

Let’s look and listen, and touch with intention, and think to yourself, “I just love them.”

Forever the journey,

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