The Meaning of the Season

This season means so many things to so many people. Being raised Christian, this is a time of awaiting the birth of Jesus Christ. Over the years some of my beliefs have changed, but one of the moments that live forever in my Spirit is sitting in church on Christmas Eve.

When I was a kid, my Mom sang in the adult choir of our parish. She has a lovely alto voice, and at that time our choir sang from the loft way upstairs in our church. As a little kid, I got to sit close to the edge of the loft and look down at all the people in the church, the trees, and the poinsettias decorating the sacristy. The church was always chilly and very dimly lit as it was a time to listen to the choir sing, in silence and preparation for the arrival of the mass, and the birth of Christ.  It was a sort of magical feeling that has never left me.

As an adult, I still live for those moments in my life. I love my moments of quiet, of peace, of preparation for what is to come in this great journey of life. Then, like today, my greatest struggle is the simplicity of sitting still! Now the greatest gift to me is the company of the sounds of Spirit, the voices that raise my awareness and lift my eyes to the heavens. Connection to Spirit brings me to that place that feels like magic.

In this time of seasons of celebrations across cultures and religions, I encourage you to find your own places of peace and to bring mindfulness into what you are in preparation for. What is your Spirit inviting you into? Where in your life are you waiting peacefully for Spirit to touch you? How can you begin to listen more deeply to your intuition and the voice of your Spirit?  What do you experience as your magic?

This season, I am eternally grateful for each and every one of you in my life. I am reminded of the joy of the season and send love and honor to all of the ways, meanings, and beliefs of this season. My clients teach me more than anything else in my life. I am a better version of myself because of you.

You are my magic, and I thank you.

Simply, from our house to yours – Happy Holidays, and may all the magic of the season be yours.

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