Taking the Layers Off

Throughout my life I’ve loosely followed a number of different spiritual practices. I believe each bring their own Divine gifts and hold their own unique powerful vibrations. A few years ago, I started learning about Mayan Spiritual practices and I found another powerful love. These practices date back as far as the Mayan people themselves, are steeped in rich heritage, beauty, and deep spiritual beliefs. 

I think many of us have been feeling the energy of transformation lately. It seems to be finding us everywhere and showing up in every aspect of our lives.

Blame it on the heat and a global pandemic, but this has left me feeling a bit, well, pushed…and pulled, and well, simply uncomfortable. So, I did what any good Mayan Spiritual healing practitioner does, I saw my colleague start a week of spiritual baths and realize I have all the tools I need to shake the blues. Thank you, Jill!

I went to work meditating, praying, and gathering to create my first bath of the week. For some, the idea of bathing in flowers is an airy fairy idea of bliss they would never even consider actually trying.  For me, it’s an incredibly powerful tool to get rid of those layers of gunk that start dampening my energy and dragging me down. Gunk layers be gone!

A few days and a few baths later, I’m feeling clearer and more focused. My attitude is brighter, my thoughts are happier, I’m feeling more like myself again. Joy! 

It’s not important what you do to shift your vibe when things get gunky, it’s that you recognize the need and do something, and then do it. I love my Spiritual baths. Truly, think about giving it a go. You’ve got nothing to lose but all those layers of gunk.  

Blessings Galore,


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