Stepping Into the Flow

You know those dreams you’ve always had? Come on, you know what I’m talking about. Maybe it’s that degree you’ve always wanted but never made time for. Maybe it’s that lifestyle you’ve always seen yourself as having, but were never willing to give up what you had to pursue what you want. Maybe it’s that career you went to college for, but then didn’t first succeed at, have always known in your heart it is your calling, but never had the courage to scrap the job you have for the dream you want. 

You know what I’m talking about. 

And then Spirit interjects. “Oh my love, we hear your heart, and so, we shall lead you beyond your fears”.

In this case, the dreamer got a permanent lay off due to COVID-19. 

For years, this client has known in her heart who and what she truly is. She is a healer. And like so many healers she got stuck in a job that paid the bills and allowed for a comfortable lifestyle. Who wants to give that up? Almost no one. Except when your Spirit heart aches for more, and hers did. Daily. The struggle was how to become what she knew in her heart was hers to be without tipping over the apple cart of her marriage, kids, bills, mortgage, etc that they as a family had come to depend on. 

Spirit provides! 

It was not a happy day when she lost her job, and yet, a sense of calm surrounded her. “I know it’s going to be ok”. 

It is so much better than ok. 

A few weeks later everything was falling into place for her to fulfill her dream and step into her healer self. Things fell together and fell apart just as they needed to in order to put her exactly where she needed to be to live her heart’s dream.

“I can’t believe it!” she said. “Everything is just happening for me”

Her Guides answered her, “yes, because you stepped into your flow”. 

Interesting. We talk all about flow in manifestation and living a purposeful life. We talk a lot about things just falling into place. We talk about aligning to Spirit in order to receive what we’re desiring. We talk a lot about it, but not many people live it. 

Spirit spoke about what it is to align to our unique Divine flow. See I always viewed it as a Divine flow. As in, the Universe was flowing in a stream and our work was to align ourselves to its flow and receive. Apparently I had it all wrong. 

Spirit spoke of us each having our own unique vibrational flow. That we each have our sacred contracts and work to do here on the planet and to receive fully in this life experience we only needed to step into our Divine flow. Simply put, live out who you were meant to be.

We all come here with multiple agendas, work, contracts, etc. to fulfill, and yet the primary purpose of this existence often goes unattended to. Live out your Divine self. 

Apparently the whole point to those feelings of purpose, or to the feelings of not fulfilling our purpose are all on purpose! They are within us to tell us when we are in our flow or out of it. The goal is not to get into some Divine flow, but to go within ourselves and connect to our own unique Divinity. To search inward, and align to our true selves. To be who we know we are in our Soul and Spirit. 

Ah, there it is. This client was experiencing her life through flow because she was finally stepping into alignment within herself. She is becoming that which she has always felt herself to be. She has known her true purpose, and now she is stepping into the flow of allowing that purpose to come to fruition. 

So gorgeous.

It is there for all of us, this flow. Deep inside perhaps still just a stir. Or vibrating every cell of your being constantly begging you to step in. let’s work to connect with that force. 

Your truth is in you. You know it, you feel it, you hear it. 

Align to it. 

Flow into your Divine.

Forever the Journey,

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