Stepping Into the Flow of Spirit

“I decided from this point on, I am going to follow whatever my intuition tells me to do. Ever since then, everything has changed, and I’ve never been happier.”

The joy in her face was crystal clear. Her eyes sparkled, her beaming face and ear-to-ear smile said it all. This is a young woman who is truly living her best life.

This is a woman I have worked with since she was a teenager. Coming off her first big break-up feeling like she was worth as little as her immature teenage boyfriend said she was. That is where her journey with me began. Where she’s come to and through has been incredible. Now inspired by a great friendship and the support of a loving husband, she is launching her own business designed to help others find their voice and follow their Spirit.


What is striking to me is that none of this has necessarily been easy. She is a headstrong woman whose ego-mind would twist her inside out with anxiety, and paralyze her for a couple of years. She is where she is, not because of me, but like all of my clients, because of themselves and their commitment to their own change, and their own happiness.

Discomfort, in many situations plain old pain, loss, chaos, life turned upside down, is usually the catalyst for seeking out a new way to do life. And Spirit steps in and speaks. Their courage allows them to follow.

I know in my own life following the nudge of Spirit isn’t always easy or comfortable. I, too, have turned my life upside down and back right again being led by Spirit, praying every step of the way. Even now, at my age, we’re still changing and growing and shifting. As humans inhabited by Spirit we are never “done”.

So, we do our best to follow. To experience Spirit’s messages to us.  It takes quiet, attention, and focus to be attentive. It takes courage and perseverance to look at our habit mind speaking fear to us in the face, and do what’s different anyway. It often means going against the crowd of normal and following your own path. It means letting your inner voice speak so you can actually know you have your own path. It’s a process.

Later that day, I sat with another woman, new on her journey and filled with that “what the hell is happening to me”.  I’m immediately excited…she’s convinced everyone will think she’s nuts. The newness of the journey still leaves her back in her seat. I love this process!

It is time, my friends. The voices of Spirit are nudging us, or in some cases, shoving us forward into our best Divine selves. It is time to honor our true selves, to allow our great desires to be experienced by us, and to give ourselves permission to follow the flow of our intuition.

It’s time. Spirit is calling.

Forever the journey, Anne

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